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Having SAS® skills on your résumé gives you a distinct career advantage.

Our courses, certifications and other resources put the future you've always envisioned within reach.

Why You Should Learn SAS®

More Career Opportunities

SAS is a skill employers want to see on résumés. In 2021, more than 143,000 job listings included SAS as a desired skill. (Lightcast , 2021)

Higher Salaries

Tech Republic named SAS as one of seven data science certifications to boost your résumé and salary.

Ongoing Skills Development

Technology is constantly evolving, and so is SAS. We'll help you keep your skills sharp and relevant with new courses and supportive communities.

SAS® Skill Builder for Students 

Consider it a repository of resources to help you learn SAS and land a career. Log in to SAS Skill Builder for Students to access free online courses, pursue certifications, prep for exams, find student discounts and learn how SAS is used in the industries you're interested in. All in one place, and available 24/7.

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How to Log In to SAS® Skill Builder for Students


To get started, click the link below and you'll be taken to the SAS Profile page.


Log in or create a SAS profile. To validate your access to SAS Skill Builder for Students, your profile must use an email address associated with your academic domain.


Review and accept the license agreement. You will be taken directly into SAS Skill Builder for Students.

SAS certification helped me understand how SAS processes data at a deeper level and opened my eyes to best practices when using the software. SAS certifications clearly demonstrate my understanding of the software to colleagues and clients. Elaine Kearney Graduate Student The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

With skills like yours, you can write your own future.


What You Can Gain From a SAS Certification

The demand for data skills is growing at a rapid rate. Find out the top 10 reasons to get a certification in SAS technology – as well as how to get started.


FAQ for Students and Other SAS Learners

Whether you’re new or an experienced user, check out the Student Support FAQs Community. You’ll find additional support, resources, news about upcoming events and answers to your questions.


Discover Data Literacy

Our free online course, composed of six video modules, helps you become more data literate so you can recognize the ways you interact with data every day.


How Did They Land Careers They Love?

Whether these professionals recently got their first jobs or pivoted midcareer, they all reached career goals. Find out how.


Connect Your Skills to Jobs

Analytics skills are in high demand. Learn SAS, add digital badges to your résumé, and find jobs that closely align with your skill set.