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Free software options for students, educators and independent learners.

SAS®OnDemand for Academics

Access statistical analysis, data mining and forecasting software.




  • Quickly launch a browser-based programming environment using SAS Studio.
  • Learn SAS programming from basic to advanced techniques using coding or point-and-click tasks.
  • Sharpen your analytics skills in data preparation, descriptive analyses and advanced statistical methods.
  • Access the technology via the cloud and get up to 5GB of data storage.

SAS® Viya® for Learners

Build data science skills with a cloud-enabled, open analytics engine.



  • Use an integrated suite of interactive visual interfaces for learning data science.
  • Build proficiency in artificial intelligence, text analytics and machine learning modeling on a computing environment built to analyze big data.
  • Access a preconfigured JupyterLab interface for R and Python integration with SAS.
  • Get course materials to help educators build cutting-edge analytics curricula.
SAS keeps me current in a field that changes every day. And it gives my students a leg up when they go into the workforce because they can make decisions from a data warehousing or data mining perspective or a data analysis and data quality perspective that they wouldn't have gotten from a regular database class. Fay Cobb Payton, PhD Associate Professor of Information Technology North Carolina State University


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics sees strong growth in the data science field and predicts the number of jobs will increase by about 28% through 2026. To give that 28% a number, that is roughly 11.5 million new jobs in the field.

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