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Analytics Skills Audit

Unlock your team's full potential. Discover actionable insights with our complimentary skills audit.

Take your investment in AI & analytics to the next level

Our complimentary audit assesses your organization's current skills landscape, gathering data on workforce competencies to identify improvement areas, covering technical, soft, and leadership skills crucial for effective AI and analytics deployment.

The findings can be used to guide strategic decisions in the development of your team, including recruitment, training and rentention, aligning efforts with market needs to enhance competitiveness and productivity.

Evolve your team, drive innovation.

  • Identify what training is needed and for whom.
  • Enhance skills and competence to streamline AI and analytics technology utilization.
  • Optimize training investment by targeting individuals with tailored content aligned with business objectives.
  • Increase employee satisfaction. Effective employees are more confident. Confidence breeds satisfaction. Satisfaction leads to retention.

Drive organizational excellence with actionable insights

Our proven methodology is designed to address the data analytics talent shortage. We’ll work with you to build a customized program that meets your organization’s unique challenges. Custom programs include job-role-aligned training paths designed to grow your team’s skills and improve employee retention. In addition, we'll help you grow your talent pipeline by connecting you to our robust partnerships with academic institutions.

Strategy Sessions & Planning

We can help assess the current state of your SAS community and develop a strategy to meet your unique challenges.

Roles & Competency Framework

We can help identify the competencies and skills needed for each job role and level.

Analytics Leadership

We can help assist in determining optimal strategies to equip the leadership team to foster innovation by effectively guiding AI and advanced analytics teams.

Development Plans

We can help create role-based development plans to support your organizational goals.

Learning Program

We can help develop and deliver a learning program that engages your staff and provides practical application to your business.

Flexible Support for the Future

We can help build a program that can evolve with your changing business needs.

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Next steps

Please complete this form and a SAS Education consultant will contact you to arrange a suitable time for an initial discussion.

From here, the consultant will facilitate a discussion to define the audience, the topics covered and format of the assessment. For smaller groups, face-to-face interviews may be enough. For larger groups, a survey methodology may be deployed.

Once complete, our consultants will analyse the data to highlight current competency levels and identify any gaps or areas for improvement.

We will collaborate and help develop a customized learning plan that's right for your team. Ultimately, enabling you to optimize your team's potential and unlock pots of talent to boost productivity and fuel innovation.

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