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Outcompete by outcomputing.

Meet peak computing demands reliably and cost-effectively.

Balance your workload.

As your organization's use of business analytics grows, so does the need for a flexible IT infrastructure that can scale to increasingly diverse workloads. Easily reassign computing resources to meet peak demand. A central point of control lets you queue and prioritize jobs across multiple users and applications. High-priority jobs run immediately and computing resources are fully utilized.

Be ready for anything.

Having multiple servers in a grid environment means that if a server fails, its jobs transition seamlessly to another server. With a highly available, shared grid environment, you're always on and always connected. You can perform maintenance on specific servers without interrupting jobs. And add computing resources without disrupting the business.

Divide and conquer.

Now you can get faster results and scale cost-effectively. Divide individual jobs into subtasks that are run in parallel on the best available hardware. Programs with large data sets and long run times, and those with replicate runs of independent tasks running against large data sets, are best-suited for multiprocessing. Make the most of all your available computing resources now, then add single-processing units as needed to keep IT spending in check.


Workload Management on SAS® Viya​®

Expanding on the capabilities of Kubernetes, SAS is bringing intelligent workload management to the compute engines inside SAS Viya.​

A managed, shared grid computing environment with workload balancing, high availability and faster processing.


A flexible, centrally managed grid computing environment with workload balancing, high availability and faster processing.

Dynamic, resource-based workload balancing

Delivers enterprise-class dynamic workload balancing for multiple users and applications.

Shared environment with high availability

Includes high-availability capabilities for all critical services. Failover to another node within the grid eliminates the need for a hot standby.

Grid-enabled SAS

Processes analytics jobs faster, and provides more efficient computing resource utilization. Integrates with all SAS analytics applications by storing grid-enabled code as SAS Stored Processes.

Automated management & monitoring

Provides a web-based tool for monitoring and managing resources, users and jobs. Serves as an interface for configuring and managing high-availability services, and defining alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

Scalability for running complex analytics faster

Lets you manage a wide variety of SAS and open source jobs across grid environments for optimal resource utilization and faster processing. Divide individual SAS jobs into subtasks that are executed in parallel to accelerate processing and increase workload throughput.

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Need consulting services? Training?

Need consulting services? Training?

Whether you’re launching a new SAS grid environment or you need to fine-tune your environment for performance and growth, we’ll make sure your grid is modern, flexible and forward-looking.

Discover the business value of SAS® Grid Manager

Discover the business value of SAS® Grid Manager

SAS Grid Manager provides a managed and shared grid computing environment that offers workload balancing, high availability and improved performance.

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