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Manufacturing Analytics Software

Reduce costs, improve productivity and minimize risk.

Why choose SAS® for manufacturing analytics?

Manufacturers who adapt to emerging AI technologies can surpass production goals, improve quality and customer satisfaction and reduce energy costs. SAS can help.

Improve product quality, asset uptime and safety

Shift from a reactive to a proactive operational approach

Generate precise forecasts, reduce costs and boost revenue with reliable recommendations 

Reduce complexity and innovate faster with a scalable, one-stop shop

SAS®를 채택한 기업들

Predicting maintenance issues & preventing breakdowns.

Discover how Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks use IoT sensor data and AI solutions from SAS to predict maintenance issues and minimize unplanned downtime.

Manufacturing Analytics Software Solutions

Gain a consolidated view of quality across people, places and processes. Collect, analyze and report on customer experiences. Detect, prioritize and define warranty and service performance issues. And take an integrated, market-driven approach to managing your supply chain.

Manufacturing Quality

Increase production yield and throughput. Improve end-product quality. Reduce capital risk and costs related to unplanned downtime or equipment failures.

Connected Factory

Improve processes and enterprise reliability. Predict maintenance issues and reduce costs associated with unexpected breakdowns. Increase your performance and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Warranty Cost Reduction

Reduce warranty costs. Minimize recalls. Increase product quality and customer satisfaction. Boost service contract profitability.    

Supply Chain Optimization

Quickly sense demand signals that indicate marketplace changes. Align your supply chain to fluctuations in demand faster. Reduce inventory, waste and costs, while boosting customer satisfaction.


Reduce carbon footprint and energy-related production costs by an average of 10% for more sustainable manufacturing in heavy industries.

자동차 생산 및 공급 업체

SAS의 제조 분석이 자동차 생산 및 공급업체에게 어떠한 영향을 미치는지 살펴보세요.

Who benefits from using SAS for manufacturing analytics?

Explore how manufacturing analytics software from SAS, With predictive analytics and embedded AI capabilities, manufacturing analytics software from SAS can help manufacturing professionals meet a range of strategic needs.

기술 구현

디지털 혁신을 가속화 합니다.


산업용 IoT (IIoT) 데이터가 언제, 언제, 어떻게 비즈니스에 가장 적합한 방식으로 작동하는지 관리하고 분석할 수 있습니다.

인공 지능

AI 기술을 토대로, 품질 및 장비 성능, 공급망 및 부품 재고 최적화, IoT 데이터 서비스 개선 및 수익창출에관한한 새로운 인사이트를 얻을 수 있습니다.

클라우드 컴퓨팅

전범위 클라우드 제품 및 배포 옵션으로 구성되어 있어, 효율성을 극대화하고 생산을 최적화할 수 있습니다.

분석 전략을 발전 시킬 수 있습니다. 4차 산업 혁명 시대에 선택과 통제의 완벽한 균형을 제공하는 AI가 내장 된 분석 플랫폼을 사용하여, 디지털화 활성 및 혁신을 이룰 수 있습니다.

자세한 내용은 SAS 대표번호 및 담당자에게 문의하시기 바랍니다.