An out-of-the-box solution for integrating SAS® and third-party databases.


Ensure that business decisions are supported by complete, consistent, up-to-date and accurate data.

Give technical and business users fast, easy access to the data they need. 

SAS/ACCESS provides seamless and transparent read, write and update rights to more than 60 data sources, including relational and nonrelational databases, PC files, Hadoop, Amazon Redshift and data warehouse appliances. Our out-of-the box solution empowers business users to use the technology with minimal training. Technical users who want more control can interact directly with the data source using native interfaces, such as SQL. The software passes database queries, joins and other functions to the target data source, reducing network traffic and speeding data processing times. Native bulk-load utilities enable even faster load times.

Get direct, secure access with native interfaces and integration standards. 

Get easy, highly secure access to source data – no custom coding or expertise in SQL or other query languages required. The software honors the native security of the target data source, and provides transparent access by making data sources appear as though they are a native SAS data type. This facilitates integration across sources and with SAS procedures, SAS DATA step and SAS solutions. SAS/ACCESS engines are tightly integrated and used by all SAS solutions for third-party data integration. Supported integration standards include ODBC, JDBC (on SAS® Viya®), Spark SQL (on SAS Viya) and OLE DB.


Seamless, transparent read, write and update access to data, regardless of source or platform.

Seamless, transparent data integration

Access the most popular databases on common platforms without detailed knowledge of the database or SQL.

Flexible SQL support

Supports two native integration methods – LIBNAME engine and pass-through facility. Both map SAS statements or functions to source database-specific statements or functions, and process all appropriate SQL directly inside the database for optimal performance.

Temporary table support

Multiple SAS processes can create and access temporary tables, providing performance gains when the same data is repeatedly required for different steps in a single session.

Bulk loading & other performance features

Supports multiple options for moving refined data from SAS into third-party data stores, including bulk loading, support for automatic partitioning, ability to pass functionality to the database and ability to directly control processing. Where SAS embedded process is deployed in selected databases, it can provide fast parallel movement of data into SAS Viya for advanced analytical processing.

Metadata integration

Supports easy reuse of DBMS metadata for multiple analytical purposes.

Data integrity & security

Accepts encoded DBMS passwords so they don't appear as clear text in SAS programs. Supports single sign-on (SSO) authentication in many of the listed data sources – for example, through Azure Active Directory.

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