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Warranty Cost Reduction

Minimize risk and improve profitability.

How SAS® Helps You Reduce Warranty Costs

SAS warranty cost reduction capabilities enable you to integrate and decode data from warranties, sales, call centers, engineers, technicians and more. Identify emerging issues, see early-warning indicators and identify root causes. Then send prioritized alerts to the appropriate people.

Early-warning signals

  • Automatically analyze millions of combinations of products, components and failures with early-warning algorithms.
  • Quickly surface emerging issues, uncover potential problems and determine root causes.
  • Use advanced analytics to detect and send alerts about increases in warranty claim rates for particular parts.

Perceptual quality

  • Integrate and analyze all types of structured and unstructured data to uncover valuable information hidden in warranty claims and service reports.
  • Get real-time customer feedback from external and internal sources to gain product design suggestions and early warning of warranty and recall issues.
  • Detect issues that annoy customers but haven't become formal complaints so you can address them before they erode your brand equity and competitive advantage.

Connected service

  • Capture valuable insights from connected devices to enhance service offerings and reliability.
  • Provide real-time notifications with analytics at the edge.
  • Link real-time product performance to warranty claims.

Why choose SAS for warranty cost reduction?

Achieve exceptional customer service and a positive brand image. Gain control over service costs. And take a smarter approach to tackling service issues.

Detect & resolve field quality issues faster

  • Analyze warranty claims data in concert with production, sales and telematic data for a single, consolidated view.
  • Then apply machine learning to automatically detect emerging issues faster – before they have a significant impact on performance or sustainability efforts.

Prioritize issues based on business impact

  • Combine warranty data with financial or risk information.
  • Use patented analytical models to isolate failure modes and identify their true root causes so you can make well-informed corrective action decisions.
  • Use advanced forecasting and reliability techniques (including Weibull) to understand how issues will affect costs and customers so you can prioritize them and focus resources where they will have the greatest impact.

Increase customer satisfaction & brand equity

  • Drive measurable improvements in total customer experience metrics by delighting your customers, who will reward you with repeat buys and recommend your products and services to others.

Customer Success

Reducing Warranty Costs With SAS

  • Turning service repair data into cost reductions 

    American Honda Motor Co., Inc., uses SAS to improve warranty claims and forecast usage for parts and services. With SAS, it takes less than a minute to identify a suspicious claim.

  • Using machine learning to transform predictive maintenance for complex equipment

    Lockheed Martin applies machine learning and IoT analytics to data from customers, its own engineers and parts vendors to form a real-time best practice for aircraft maintenance.

  • Putting IoT data from connected vehicles to work

    Iveco Group uses SAS advanced analytics to interpret vast amounts of sensor data to uncover hidden insights that can reduce vehicle maintenance costs through innovative remote diagnostic tools. 

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