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Reimagining insurance through digital innovation and data-driven decisioning.


Why choose SAS® for insurance analytics?

The insurance sector is undergoing radical change, driven by ever-higher customer service expectations and opportunities presented by digital innovation. To stay relevant, insurers must become hyperintelligent, AI-driven organizations. They must provide personalized, trusted customer experiences and innovative risk solutions while managing costs and meeting compliance requirements.

SAS has a strong presence in the insurance industry, with insurers successfully using our advanced, cloud-native analytics in areas as diverse as customer marketing and servicing, pricing and underwriting, claims and fraud management, as well as compliance and financial management. We offer a range of implementation options supported by an extensive catalogue of services to deliver quick wins and rapid return on investment. And we can help you achieve your digital transformation vision while managing risk, ensuring business continuity and realizing a faster time to value.

Customer Centric Insurance powered by SAS

The insurance landscape is changing. Fast.

There’s more to customers than just their insurance policies. We help you harness the power of AI to give you a complete picture of your customers, letting you embrace customer-centricity like never before.

IFB & SAS: Beating Insurance Fraud Together

Digitalisation, automation and product innovation is rapidly impacting the insurance industry. As a result, new types of fraud arise.

People’s appetite for new insurance products change faster than ever and they expect services to be delivered in real time. Application fraud is a great example of how changing industry practices impact how fraudsters operate.

IFB and SAS work in partnership to help bring the insurance industry together to share key data and intelligence management for a collective purpose: Tackle fraud and protect genuine customers from fraudsters.

SAS in Insurance – Facts & Figures


insurance companies are using SAS worldwide


of insurance companies in the Fortune Global 500 rely on SAS


number of top 50 largest global insurers relying on SAS

How do you ensure a consistent customer journey in a digitized business reality?

Discover how Topdanmark ensures a seamless experience for customers with a true omnichannel marketing approach and better workflows.


Solutions That Help Your Business

Ensure success in an evolving digital world. Create personalized customer experiences that increase engagement. Design innovative products and risk solutions. Achieve operational excellence in claims management. Stop fraud in its tracks. Manage increasing regulatory demands. And take full advantage of analytics, AI, IoT, cloud, open APIs and insurtech technologies.

Customer Experience

Personalize each customer experience. Deliver accurate decisioning. Optimize direct and agent channels.


Detect and prevent opportunistic and organized fraud. Improve investigator efficiency. Radically reduce the impact of fraud.

Risk & Compliance

Optimize risk and pricing management. Align actuarial, underwriting and finance functions. Meet regulatory demands and financial reporting standards.  


Accelerate Your Digital Transformation With an Open, Intelligent Decisioning Ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence

Drive customer understanding, decisioning and operational processing with greater speed, accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Internet of Things

Deliver transformative business models. Move from payment to prevention. Develop connected customer relationships.

Cloud Computing

Support agility and cost reduction. Ensure scalability and security. Enable a range of deployment options.

Evolve your analytics strategy. Enable digitalization and accelerate innovation using an AI, analytics and data management platform running on a scalable, cloud-native architecture.

Connect with SAS and see what we can do for you.

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