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Advanced Analytics: Generative AI for the Insurance Industry

An introduction to how generative AI can help improve decision making and save money for property and casualty and life insurers

insurance analytics @ scale

About the webinar

While P&C insurance is all about getting the details right, companies can’t afford thousands of hours of human capital obsessing over every tiny detail.

And with generative AI filling in the gaps for P&C professionals, they don’t have to.

Generative AI not only does the work more efficiently for less money; it can also improve the quality of work.

Whether it’s building computer code or identifying missing information on applications, generative AI acts as a partner to take care of expensive, mundane tasks so professionals have the information they need to make final decisions.

Join us to discover more about making this giant leap in efficiency and quality.

You will learn about:

  • Use cases for generative AI.
  • Special features about insurance to consider in generative AI implementation.
  • How regulators will assess generative AI use.

Watch the entire webinar series here.

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About the Experts

Fitz Fitzgerald
Advisory Industry Consultant, Insurance, SAS

Jonathan Kalman
Founding Partner, Eos Venture Partners

Robert Pick
Executive Vice President & CIO, Tokio Marine North America