On-Demand Webinar

Banking Breakdown: Are P&C Insurers’ Early Warning Systems Good Enough?

Join us as we discuss the uncertainty insurance companies are feeling in the current economic climate and how analytics and early-warning systems can help improve their financial footing.

About the webinar

Whatever the headlines might indicate, economic uncertainty isn’t confined to the banking industry.

Thanks to stronger regulation, insurers are more protected from financial risks than banks, but both industries share a need for adequate early-warning systems to avoid danger.

In addition, insurance companies are under pressure to improve their investment returns to maintain profitability.

Join us for this forty-five-minute webinar as SAS financial and insurance experts discuss how data analytics and proper early-warning technologies can strengthen insurance companies’ finances in this time of economic volatility.

We will share how to:

  • Preserve and/or improve income generation from investment portfolios.
  • Manage counterparty risk effectively.
  • Enhance individual risk underwriting.

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SAS Insurance Experts

Jack Thompson
Head of US Financial Services

Fitz Fitzgerald
Insurance Industry Consultant

Mark Slattery
Risk Research and Quantitative Solutions Director