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Insurance Innovators Summit | 16-17 November 2022

Insurance Innovators is bringing together a global community of 850+ insurers, from the most innovative incumbents to the freshest insurtechs, to define the future of the industry.

There’s more to customers than just their insurance policies. 
We help you harness the power of AI to give you a complete picture of your customers, letting you embrace customer-centricity like never before.

Paul Ridge, Head of Insurance, SAS UK & Ireland, discusses how SAS can help your business transform to a
customer centric model and begin to really understand the life behind the policy.
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The insurance landscape is changing. Fast.

Powerful forces are re-shaping the insurance industry and impacting your business.
These are biggest the trends and challenges.

Fighting fraudsters

Take proactive steps to protect genuine customers, investigate fraud more effectively and deliver a seamless customer experience. Cancel more fraud at a lower cost.


Changing regulations

Regulation doesn’t stand still. The need to adapt is ever-present, with FCA changes coming to pricing strategies, underwriting, financial reporting, stress testing, scenario analysis – and much more.

Digital transformation

Insurers know they need to modernise. 
But with margins razor-thin, they need to do more with less.

Digital channels and automation are needed to reduce costs and boost customer experience.

Move innovations from conception to the real world

What makes SAS different?

We are the leader in advanced and predictive analytics. But we’re much more than that. We make customer-centric insurance a reality, decoding your customers so you can treat them as people, not numbers.

Our industry-proven analytics platform
An easy-to-use dashboard gives you a single view of your data, allowing faster intelligent decisioning and more efficient underwriting processes.

Built for business in the cloud
Our SaaS model means we deliver our platform to fit your business – whether it’s being deployed as part of a public or private cloud, on-prem, or hybrid cloud.

IFB & SAS: Beating Insurance Fraud Together

Digitalisation, automation and product innovation is rapidly impacting the insurance industry. As a result, new types of fraud arise.

People’s appetite for new insurance products change faster than ever and they expect services to be delivered in real time. Application fraud is a great example of how changing industry practices impact how fraudsters operate.

IFB and SAS work in partnership to help bring the insurance industry together to share key data and intelligence management for a collective purpose: Tackle fraud and protect genuine customers from fraudsters.

How we’ll help you become customer centric

Make the move to a model that helps you better understand your customers.
Here are 5 ways SAS gets you there faster.

Customer success stories

SAS has helped insurance industry clients improve their pricing strategies,
enhance customer experience, prevent and investigate fraud, boost digital transformation and
solidify their regulatory and compliance reporting.

Here are some of our client stories

SAS in Insurance – Facts & Figures


insurance companies are using SAS worldwide


of insurance companies in the Fortune Global 500 rely on SAS


number of top 50 largest global insurers relying on SAS

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