Sept. 23 & 24, 2020
10 am - 10 pm CET

Using the promo code V0U54A and get a free access to:

  • SAS live session and interactive master class (see description below);
  • options for networking with SAS experts via chat or audio/video;
  • SAS private spaces in the virtual cafe for even more interaction;
  • SAS showroom (for meeting requests, instant networking, and much more).

SAS live session

Trust is the new marketing currency
(Sept 23, 18.19-18.37 CET)

SAS Institute has conducted a survey including more than 4.000 brands and consumers alike in order to put empiric data behind the "gut feeling" of how customer experience is evolving over the next 10 years.

The main revelation of the study was that consumers are very sensitive when it comes to the treatment of their personal information. Therefore the main concern of brands will become to establish a trustworthy relationship with the consumers. The "2030 Paradox" - consumers demand more but do not want to give what is necessary - is a main topic for SAS and we can show how more trust and empathy can be injected into the digital communication.

SAS master class

Customer Journey Optimization – Leverage AI beyond Chatbot
(Sept 23, 14.40-15.15 CET)

Every customer and their journeys towards brands are unique. With the proliferation of channels, the journeys became more complex and connected. In order to guide customers through their "golden journey" huge investments in manpower and technology have been made - How about a smarter approach?

By leveraging the latest AI methods SAS has invented an approach to automate the optimization of customer journeys with a completely self-sufficient and self-learning algorithm. In this masterclass we take you through the concepts behind this approach and how you can benefit from it.