Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize decisions across the product life cycle.

How SAS® Supports Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics  

SAS helps you leverage insights from machine learning, AI, and advanced forecasting and optimization to gain a competitive edge and secure the success of your product portfolios now and far into the future. Our real world evidence capabilities provide you with new commercial insights to further strengthen your market strategy.

Global price intelligence

  • Gain analytical insights to maximize revenue potential across all markets.
  • Reduce global price erosion by using advanced analytics to discover the best launch sequence and timing combination for navigating through global pricing complexities.
  • Adopt an end-to-end solution for transitioning from launch portfolio through to in-market portfolio to measure the impact of international reference pricing (IRP) across the product life cycle.

Artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning

  • Increase profitability through intelligent automation of in-depth tasks.
    • Make smarter decisions by applying predictive modeling and optimization techniques to aid human decision making.
      • Deliver superior experiences and achieve better engagement by understanding which factors drive physician and patient behavior.

      Real world evidence

      • Gain insights on how your products are performing in the market.
      • Use real world data to gain insights on how best to deploy your sales force.
      • Analyze comparative effectiveness and competitive pricing data to better understand your products' differentiators.

      Why SAS® for pharmaceutical commercial analytics?

      SAS provides powerful analytic solutions and deep life sciences industry expertise to inform your commercial strategy and support your product portfolio in the post-approval landscape.  

      Use cutting-edge analytics

      Optimize your commercialization strategies – from pricing, to competitive positioning, to sales and marketing utilization – using a wealth of advanced analytic solutions.

      Adopt an end-to-end platform

      Orchestrate your analytics journey – from data to discovery to deployment – with our robust, integrated platform.

      Operationalize analytics

      Take advantage of the unparalleled flexibility of the SAS Platform and our industry solutions to integrate with open source, leverage the cloud and move from insights to tangible results.

      SAS® Software Used

      • SAS® Launch Revenue Optimization

      How does a global life sciences company effectively reduce price erosion?

      SAS is helping the company:

      • Navigate complex international reference pricing (IRP) to avoid the erosion of global prices over time.
      • Find the best way to get a product to market to minimize the negative impact of IRP on global revenue.
      • Realistically expect tens to hundreds of millions in additional revenue during the launch phase and a 2% to 4% sustained life in global price.

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