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Protecting the Public Purse

With the public purse under so much pressure, stories of the cost of fraud and error in the public sector, have grabbed the headlines. It has become a high priority to tackle this issue.

Relying on tip offs and other traditional methods of fraud detection, are time consuming, laborious, and extremely hit and miss. Faced with the scale of the problem they will never be able to have more than a moderate impact.

This is why organisations like banks, credit card companies, insurers and government organisations are turning to predictive analytics. These systems are able to search through vast quantities of data and identify subtle signs of fraud far earlier than would be otherwise possible.


How SAS can help

Proven Success

  • The Bureau of Internal Revenue for the Philippines reaps 400 percent return on investment in SAS®, download the case study (PDF)
  • Malaysia's Inland Revenue Board Gets Clearer Picture of Taxpayers with SAS®, download the case study (PDF)


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How to Win the Battle against Public Sector Fraud and Error
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