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Intelligence & Investigations Management

Drive investigation efficiency and improve intelligence for Government with AI & Analytics

Helping investigators get more done faster

As the UK continues to move forward from unprecedented times, a new wave of opportunities will emerge, and with them comes the potential for greater security risk, corruption, and crime committed inside and outside of the prison walls, and at the border.

With a great deal of outcomes to deliver, how can government organisations ensure the safety of our citizens and the protection of the economy without having to make detrimental choices?

With smart analytics and AI, deep insights can be uncovered to deliver smarter, faster investigations management. 


Smarter, faster investigation management

Smarter faster investigation management

Fight the tide of criminal activity with deep insights and smart analytics

As our standing in the world evolves, how can the UK prepare to fight the tide of criminal activity as new opportunities for trade and prosperity gather pace?

Corruption, fraud, bribery, and assault - the potential for opportunistic crime is vast, and the time to adapt and keep pace with criminals is now more pertinent than ever.

Discover how data-driven insights and AI can help Government to disrupt criminal groups, safeguard vulnerable citizens, and get more done with less friction.


Find out how Investigations Management can help your department

Justice & prisons

118 assaults on
staff per 1,000 prisoners

The challenges in tackling serious and organised crime are formidable

Ensuring public protection and safety inside and outside of the criminal justice system is no simple task, and with an ever-growing prison population introduces a new set of disruptive challenges for the UK Government to solve. To safeguard the public, fight criminal activity and help offenders turn away from crime necessitates innovation and new capabilities.

It’s a huge task – one that requires data, analytics, and AI to help you respond effectively to challenges and deliver on commitments made to citizens and staff.

Be swift, think smart. Accelerate detection and investigation and close in on criminal activity.

Safeguard citizens and reduce risk inside prisons

Building a safer, more effective criminal justice system

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Fraud & customs

Lost to fraud and error by HMRC

Identifying fraud can feel like finding a needle in the haystack.

As Britain transitions into a period of greater economic independence, new opportunities present the ideal environment for criminals to exploit, creating obstacles to achieving department objectives. Reducing the risk of lost revenue and enabling legitimate trade to speed through customs without blocking its flow demands for innovation and new capabilities

With data-driven insights and AI, identifying customs fraud and evasion doesn’t have to feel like finding a needle in the haystack.

Find out how to accelerate detection and investigation to protect society and close in on the criminal activity.

Fostering a prosperous Britain starts at the border

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The total social and economic cost of SOC to the UK

Organised crime has more impact on UK citizens than any other national security threat

Protecting UK citizens from serious organised crime is a growing challenge that impacts every part of the country. From the daily lives of individuals to communities and businesses, the severity of each act can be highly corrosive to society and the economy.

Detecting these fast-evolving threats is a time-sensitive task, yet preventing terrorism, reducing crime, controlling immigration, whilst promoting growth and the wellbeing of citizens simultaneously can be a highly complex task.

Staying on top of these challenges and ensuring priorities are delivered requires transformation. With data-driven insights and AI, detecting and investigating threats at the front-line doesn’t have to be mission impossible.  

Empower the UK border force by being proactive about prevention.

Building the world’s most effective border

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Intelligence for a safer and more secure UK

Does data sharing equate to caring?

Duration: 30 minutes

The government’s priorities for 2021 focus on initiatives where data sharing between agencies will help tackle serious and organised crime, combat fraud, reduce recidivism, and make the UK a safer place.



5.7% increase
in public confidence surrounding handling of crime.

Putting citizen’s safety first

Discover how Gloucestershire Constabulary improved their accuracy and operational efficiency to enhance intelligence-led policing, reduce crime and restore public confidence.


12x (1200%)
improvement in narcotics seizures

Safeguarding the nation and enabling economic growth

By utilising real-time data and advanced analytics, US Borders and Customs have successfully improved seizures in the Southwest by twelvefold, interdicting billions of dollars’ worth of narcotics and fraudulent property.



50% reduction 
in staff assaults

Creating a safer prison environment for all

Find out how the Indiana Department of Correction managed to improve their situational awareness through using real-time data and predictive analytics to detect and mitigate violence within prisons.


declaration articles checked per day

Creating fairer and safer trade

European Customs & Tax Department uses smart selection criteria to detect fraud, save time, assist over 1,500 customs officers, and reduce VAT fraud by 98%.

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Investigations management for Government

Elevate governance, trust and transparency through comprehensive data-driven audits and inspections Deliver more with less disruption - take a comprehensive and proactive approach to monitoring agency performance with AI and Analytics.



Individual and criminal network threats happen fast and disappear under the radar.

With criminal offences rising and resources strained, who pays the real price? 



AI & Analytics for Government

Artificial intelligence and Analytics are transforming the way government works and what it can achieve

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