Law Enforcement with SAS AI & Analytics 

Intelligent Data: Transforming Data into Intelligence

Digital intelligence and investigation management for law enforcement can help assess threat, risk and harm to protect vulnerable citizens and optimise police operations.

60% of officers report that their workload is too high(1)

400+ DAYS median time from offence to completion of a Crown Court trial (2)

(1) “Welfare Survey 2020”, Police Federation,  
(2) “Criminal court statistics quarterly: January to March 2022”,,  

Watch our video (1min 45 seconds) to understand more about how SAS can help you deter threats and combat crime using data, AI & analytics, to better protect our communities.

Empowering Law Enforcement at SAS

At SAS we would like to help police forces make more effective use of limited resources through digital tools that can relieve manual workload pressures. If police can strengthen their digital capabilities to analyse and act on intelligence, they can make better use of resources, respond faster to incidents, and make smarter decisions quickly.

Investment in AI and analytics can ensure data is put to work to improve decisioning, drive operational efficiency and improve law enforcement. 

How and where can SAS help?

Transforming data into intelligence


In this eBook we will touch on the challenges UK police forces face today and how and where digital intelligence and investigations management can help to achieve the right outcomes quickly.  SAS works with police forces across the globe, to learn more download our eBook 

Organised crime & counterterrorism 

Financial crime 

Vulnerable People including Human Trafficking 

Optimising police operations 

Keeping Children Safe Online

Police forces can harness technology to combat the rising tide of child sexual exploitation—protecting children from harm, catching offenders faster, eliminating backlogs, and reducing the impact of distressing cases on officer wellbeing.

Bring Predators to justice more quickly. Data from 41 UK police forces shows an 84% rise in online grooming crimes since 2017, yet prosecutions fell.

SAS has innovative technology to support investigations with more efficient and effective working practices to manage volume and protect children against Child Sexual Exploitation online.

Child sexual exploitation online investigation. Empowering officers to thoroughly investigate more cases faster for better outcomes.

The unique configurability of the SAS platform allows police forces to adapt it, as appropriate.  It is an end-to-end solution, from intelligence development to investigation and is used to collect, manage and analyse information throughout the intelligence life cycle. This will accelerate desired outcomes quickly in cases such as – financial crime, organised crime and counterterrorism, child sexual exploitation and human trafficking or missing persons, for example. 

Below we talk through areas that affect officers daily.

Meet the Team

Graeme Drummond
Client Director, Fraud & Law Enforcement, SAS UK
+44 7881 249241

Andy Davies
Client Director, Law Enforcement, SAS UK
+44 7741 241864

Ashley Beck
Senior Consultant, Fraud & Security Intelligence, SAS

Gordon MacColl
Senior Consultant, Fraud & Security Intelligence, SAS

Shelley Hackwood 
Public Sector Business Development, SAS UK
+44 1628 490697

Rajeeve Narula 
Public Sector Customer Advisory, SAS
+7766 398854

Women in Policing

SAS is pleased to help police forces bridge the gap in diversity, data literacy and responsible AI, as we believe in building solid organisations.

Female leaders and the benefits of tech
Video (1 min 20 secs)

Female police officers from across the world offer their perspectives on the value of how technology can help you solve crime.  Data can serve as a force multiplier for police agencies, providing investigators with a more comprehensive view of potential criminal activity.

Law Enforcement Training

SAS is partnering with Women in Policing and Women in Technology to create a custom training program with a Data Literacy and Responsible AI Foundation to use data in the most effective and ethical way possible. We’re preparing candidates with the tools they need to face a changing crime environment.

To learn more about has SAS works with UK government search SAS UK Gov

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