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Welcome to the SAS Defence Knowledge Hub. Here you will find valuable material to guide you as you seek to transform with AI, Analytics & Intelligent Decisioning to identify previously unseen patterns automate takes and efficiently deliver against operational readiness.

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Chantelle Butler

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Chantelle Butler
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Augment Intelligence
Delivering data driven insights to the Ministry of Defence

As the threat of adversaries increases the pressure on the MOD mounts, learn more around how to boost operational readiness and mitigate threats with data at the heart of these intelligent decisions

Augmented Intelligence

SAS: Improving the British Army’s’ decision making with data

Delighted to be partnering with the British Army on their digital transformation, Theia.  Helping them realise the significant potential of data through AI to automate tasks and conduct complex analysis to make informed decisions.

Intelligent Decisioning for Government
Learn how AI-driven decisions can help you deliver the promise of citizen centricity

From ‘Cloud-First’ to ‘Cloud-Smart.’
How the Government can overcome the challenges and optimise the value of cloud-based analytics

AI & Analytics for Government
Analytics & Artificial intelligence is reshaping and re-energising the way government works and what it can achieve.

Smarter, faster investigation management
Fight the tide of criminal activity with AI and best practice principles

AI Innovation

As technology once again dominates warfare AI is a key to redefining the landscape and helping gain the edge over adversaries.  The possibility of AI across defence is exponential, from logistics to operational readiness, fit for purpose workforce and intelligence fusion.

The powerful combination of AI and analytics will help to further protect UK citizens and territories, value and interest both at home and overseas.

Customer Story

Lockheed Martin turns 35 days of downtime into 35 days of flying time per plane. 

Customer Story

Spanish Airforce now knows the real cost of flying for an hour and allows for better budget optimisation.

Customer Story

British Army continues to further-proof its manpower planning by using disparate data sources available. 

Customer Story

Volvo Trucks use machine learning to uncover hidden insights reducing diagnostic time by 70% and repair time by 25%

Did you know….

Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics can help UK Defence create an open intelligence framework to support the mission

Automating ISR Sensor Feeds enable Data to Decision

Scale and operationalise predicative analytics with artificial intelligence at the heart

Natural Language Processing helps detect anomalies quicker and more accurately than the human eye

Intelligent decisioning will automate and manage decisions across the MOD

Work smarter and more effectively

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Graeme Drummond
Defence Account Lead, SAS UK

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Defence Client Manager and National Security Lead, SAS UKI 

Steve Burgess
Defence and National Security, Customer Advisory Lead, SAS UK

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Defence Engagement Lead, SAS UK

Roderick Crawford
Regional Vice President, SAS UKI

Emmanuel Jacque
Global Head of Defence and National Security, SAS

Paul Jones
Technology Chief, SAS UKI

Simon Reay
Business Development, SAS Cloud & Information Services

Valerio Mosca
Lead Data Scientist, Defence & National Security, SAS Global

Steve Ludlow
Data Scientist – SAS UKI

Caroline Payne
Head of Customer Advisory, Public Sector, SAS UKI

Rajeeve Narula
Data Management & Visualisation Expert

Mark Gilbert
Principal Technical Consultant, SAS UK

Colette Surtees
Defence Customer Success lead, SAS UK

Nigel Armstead
Customer Education Manager - Learning and Development specialist, SAS UKI

Chantelle Butler
Engagement Lead, Defence & Public Sector, SAS UK

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