Exploit the potential of AI and Analytics for Health and Social care

Transform efficiencies and outcomes from back-office to clinical care within the NHS

How does SAS support the NHS?

  • Empowering health and social care organisations to transform the quality of decisions for improved patient outcomes
  • Realising cost efficiencies and healthcare effectiveness with faster return on investment
  • Gaining analytically derived healthcare insights from data to provide decision support
  • Applying predictive analytics in care to create healthier lives and communities
  • Driving smarter strategies to help the NHS meet the challenges of patient safety, clinical advancement, public health education and more
  • Optimising the quality of health and social care data, processes, people and their skills

But there’s so much potential as yet untapped. We invite you to explore what’s possible with SAS analytics and artificial intelligence.

How SAS powers healthcare transformation

We can help you to achieve your ambition to bring the ‘national’, the ‘health’ and the ‘service’ back into the NHS. How? By using analytics to:

  • Improve the administration efficiencies of this service;
  • Develop value-based healthcare at both population and personal levels;
  • Enhance support through the optimisation of skills and resources for future demand;
  • Drive innovation in clinical practice so that every citizen may benefit no matter where they live.

What do you want your healthcare strategy to deliver?

Discover how analytics improves healthcare administration

Get inspired by opportunities to improve care and patient outcomes

Learn how AI and analytics are enhancing healthcare support

Explore the many ways AI drives innovation

Customer stories from the frontline

Meet the healthcare team

SAS solutions on G-Cloud

Artificial Intelligence: the AI Pathfinder
How to make AI work for you

Discover how analytics improves healthcare administration

Do more with less - streamline processes and improve performance


Why analytic interoperability matters in healthcare.


The physiology of analytics interoperability


Three steps to drive integrated healthcare, faster.

Get inspired by opportunities to improve patient care

Explore how AI insights are enabling care providers to deliver value-based healthcare.

Explore the applications of AI that power healthcare innovation today

Machine and deep learning, alongside computer vision are being used in smart, exciting ways to open up new possibilities in clinical excellence for the NHS.


Getting inside the NHS’s data challenge – and how to solve it.

Read how the NHS must tackle its data siloes in order to achieve digital transformation


Accelerate digital health transformation with SAS.

Watch how SAS analytics are trusted to drive innovation throughout the healthcare sector


Can health care professionals see the future with AI and computer vision?

Join a team of SAS experts as they explore the possibilities of augmented reality in digital healthcare

Discover how SAS is working with healthcare organisations around the world

SAS supports innovation from back-office administration efficacy to the beating heart of clinical practice


Reducing hospital-acquired infections with AI


Cancer treatment enters a new era with artificial intelligence


Making rapid, accurate AI-driven decisions on the front line of medical care

Meet the SAS Healthcare team

Amy Murray
Healthcare Client Director

Mark Frankish
Healthcare Customer Advisory

Bukunmi Ogunye
Healthcare Client Manager

Chantelle Butler
Engagement Lead, Healthcare

Contact our team by Telephone on 01628 490 243

How can SAS help?

We remain committed to working with the NHS and other healthcare providers to exploit the transformational possibilities of analytics and AI in solving some of humankind’s most challenging problems. Connect with our specialist healthcare team to explore what’s possible – and for increased deployment simplicity and speed, everything is available as Software-as-a-Service via G-Cloud UK.

Our work with UK Government

As well as our longstanding and successful relationship with the NHS, we’ve worked with key UK government departments. Learn more about ways we’ve helped organisations across the public sector, and benefit from our relevant experience and expertise in your NHS initiative.

Healthcare insight

Explore the latest news, views and resources on innovative healthcare models.

AI & Analytics for government

Discover how analytics is helping government departments deliver smart, citizen-centric services efficiently.

Workforce Analytics

Learn how analytics is enabling HR leaders to realise the goal of workforce optimisation.

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