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Data Integration

Improve the flow of accurate information with enterprise data integration

SAS Data Integration forms a solid data foundation to support your enterprise information needs. It provides capabilities for enterprise data access and processing across systems and platforms; integrated data quality, which is critical to providing accurate, consistent information; and an interactive, visual data integration development environment that enables collaboration and easy reusability across your organization, all with a single point of IT administration.

Components of Data Integration

  • SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server – Meet the full spectrum of your enterprise data integration needs with data access, ETL and ELT capabilities, integrated data quality and an interactive data integration development environment.
  • SAS Data Migration – Reduce the time, cost and risk of data migration projects with this SAS offering that includes consulting services.

How SAS® Is Different

  • Flexible solutions for unique circumstances. From one-time data migrations to complex, ongoing, real-time data integration projects, only SAS can meet different organizational needs with solutions that are appropriate for everyone’s unique circumstances. In addition to scalable, enterprise-class offerings, organizations with comprehensive data quality already in place and a homogenous data environment could consider SAS Data Integration Server. A data integration solution tailored for small to midsized organizations is also available.
  • A completely integrated framework. Only SAS offers a completely integrated framework that encompasses not only enterprise data integration and data quality, but the industry's most comprehensive suite of business analytics software and industry solutions delivered to you in a single environment.
  • The ability to combine and analyze huge quantities of data. By utilizing a variety of high-performance computing options, only SAS enables you to combine and quickly analyze huge quantities of data to make discoveries, solve complex problems and deploy accurate results and information across the enterprise.

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