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SAS Viya

Confident decisions at every moment.

From raw data to operational insights that support every decision.

SAS Viya is an AI, analytic and data management platform that runs on a modern, scalable architecture.

Why SAS Viya?

Better decisions, maximum value, faster outcomes. That's the SAS Viya difference.

Reality-Tested AI

The Challenge

Not all AI works as some vendors claim, which leaves most projects in the sandbox.​​

The SAS Viya Advantage

Use proven AI to operationalize insights so you can find and act on hidden opportunities before the competition​.

Resilience Amid Uncertainty

The Challenge

Rigid systems and manual processes are expensive and produce inconsistent results.​

The SAS Viya Advantage

Balance costs and agility with a cloud-native platform and built-in automation that enables you to strengthen your operations.​

Faster Outcomes, Trusted Results

The Challenge

Complex, computationally intensive problems can strain systems and delay results. And a lack of checks and balances erodes trust and slows decision making.

The SAS Viya Advantage

Get results in seconds – not hours – with massively parallel processing. Built-in governance makes your decisions repeatable, explainable, transparent and trustworthy – no matter the scale of your data, users and workloads.

Empowerment for Everyone

The Challenge

Complex, fragmented processes spread across different systems give power to a chosen few.

The SAS Viya Advantage

Empower everyone to make faster, better decisions by democratizing data and analytics. Unify disparate technologies, skill sets and processes with end-to-end capabilities powered by automated AI.​


Better decisions. Faster outcomes.


Balance agility and costs while fast-tracking your analytics-led journey.

Get to Know SAS Viya

Customer Success

Look Who's Working Smarter With SAS Viya

  • Predicting maintenance issues & minimizing downtime

    Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks are using SAS to predict maintenance issues and minimize downtime by applying advanced analytics and AI to sensor data.

  • Transforming the consumer banking experience through advanced analytics

    CIMB Singapore uses SAS Viya to get a 360-degree view of customers, unlocking valuable insights for holistic decision making. This has led to improved customer engagement and more revenue opportunities.

  • Gaining the flexibility to grow quickly without overburdening internal structures

    Fintech company auxmoney is saving resources and gaining flexibility and scalability with risk management in the SAS Cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure.

  • Improving customer interactions with pattern recognition

    SAS helps health insurer Techniker Krankenkasse build innovative pattern recognition capabilities, using the modular, open architecture of SAS Viya for faster analyses and enhanced flexibility.

  • Strengthening the fight against antimicrobial resistance via data visualization

    SAS is helping global in vitro diagnostics leader bioMérieux, Inc., revolutionize antimicrobial stewardship and empower informed clinical decision making, enabling life-saving innovation for better patient outcomes.

    The Analytics Life Cycle

    SAS Viya takes you through every step of your analytics journey throughout the analytics life cycle – helping you make the most of your technology and talent investments.

    Cloud Providers

    Conquer all your analytics challenges – from experimental to mission critical – with faster decisions in the cloud. The latest release of SAS Viya is now available on these cloud providers.

    SAS Cloud

    Running the latest version of SAS Viya natively on Microsoft Azure, the SAS Cloud manages your entire analytics platform for optimal performance and value.


    Microsoft is our strategic partner and preferred cloud provider. With deep integration and a shared road map, SAS and Microsoft are shaping the future of AI and analytics in the cloud.


    Designed to be cloud-native, SAS Viya is tested and approved to leverage the same cloud services used by millions of AWS users.


    With a commitment to innovation and open-source cloud principles, SAS Viya brings native AI and advanced analytics to Google Cloud.

    Red Hat OpenShift

    SAS Viya is bringing the latest DataOps, AI and ModelOps capabilities to Red Hat OpenShift – the leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, built for your open, hybrid cloud strategy.​

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