Reach the right audience on the right channels at the right time with omnichannel data activation

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SAS Customer Intelligence 360 – Omnichannel Data Activation

Activate messages to the right audience across all channels

A single multichannel marketing hub enables your marketing teams to create, automate, track, deploy and optimize personalized messages across all channels – web, mobile, email, social and third-party – in a repeatable fashion via a user-friendly interface.

Easily prioritize selection rules, assign messages, orchestrate schedules, automatically execute campaigns and analyze marketing performance with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Personalized content

Deliver highly personalized, curated content across both owned and third-party channels to a targeted audience, ensuring measurable outcomes and optimized results.

Secure data access

Ensure secure access to customer data, directly from on-site data sources, for targeting and personalization.

Suppression list creation

Control who receives messages based on contact policies and other rules.

Contextual engagement across channels

Use defined channels selectable in customer journeys.

Automated message delivery

Effortlessly schedule, customize and track messages for automated delivery.

Attribute-based information

Use collected data to personalize customer experiences and trigger communications.

Connect your marketing technology ecosystem to unlock better brand experiences

To make decisions at scale, marketers must have a framework that can ingest, join and analyze data in seconds. With our innovative predictive, real-time, AI-based analytic capabilities, you can extract actionable insights from massive volumes of business and customer data.

Easily use your other technology investments with our API and connector framework.

Multilevel integration

Integrate at the data, protocol, content, channel or application level to unlock more value from data.

Real-time or batch data integrations

Perform data integrations and movement in real time or in batch.

Better reach & effectiveness

Build and maintain your own reputation across owned channels (email, mobile, web, social) with hyper-personalized content.

360-degree customer view

Provide a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the customer experience.

Third-party application connectors

Access a range of out-of-the-box connectors to third-party applications.

Collaboration support

Integrate with existing technology investments through our native connector framework.

Open & extensible

Take advantage of greater choice in your martech stack composition.

Cost reduction

Simplify deployment and integration, and reduce associated costs.

Personalization is the key to unlocking our future success, and to do this well means we need to apply data and decisioning alongside campaign activation. SAS was the perfect partner to meet our challenges." Ulta Beauty Kelly Mahoney Vice President of Customer Marketing Ulta Beauty

Optimize marketing investment with algorithmic attribution

Analyze the impact and business value of all company-generated marketing interactions across the complex customer journey. Marketers can make strategic decisions about future investment levels, as well as more tactical decisions about what messages to offer. Confidently calibrate resources, improve ROI measurement, identify areas of investment and dynamically change marketing direction, all with a clear understanding of how marketing activity is affecting marketing goals and the customer journey.

Achieve KPIs faster by monitoring and adjusting marketing objectives.

Marketing ROI

Assign marketing spend to conversions and use that information to make needed adjustments to your expenditures.

Customer journey insights

Summarize conversion impacts across customer touchpoints and interactions with modern data visualization and out-of-the-box reporting.

Touchpoint interactions

Use auto-algorithmic measurement to gain key insights, such as whether or not one channel influences another within a customer journey.

Cause & effect

Go beyond traffic sources and offsite impressions by using tactics like remarketing, A/B testing and next-best actions to influence conversions.

Data deprecation

Collect and build out zero- and first-party data assets, and use alternative targeting approaches, as data deprecation shifts common approaches to customer acquisition, upsell and retention.

Take control of your owned channels

Dynamically personalize messages, tailor offers and engage customers in interactive dialogues that build retention, trust and loyalty. Deliver content across owned channels to gain customer insight, optimize interactions across channels, and react and respond to customer behaviors as they occur. Act on digital intelligence across channels with an integrated solution for faster time to insight. 

Extend the customer experience across all owned digital touchpoints.

Better reach & effectiveness for emails

Build and maintain your own reputation by sending emails with our built-in editor to create hyper-personalized content.

Personalized push notifications

Personalize product or content recommendations on mobile devices by leveraging user data, such as browsing history, purchase behavior or preferences.

Location-based marketing

Use location data to trigger the delivery of relevant content.

Email previewing

Preview emails before sending to eliminate the need for manual testing and ensure that content displays accurately on all devices, browsers, email clients and platforms.

In-app messaging

Deliver personalized messages or recommendations directly within your app based on user actions or specific events.

Real-time digital content placement

Take control of the moments that matter by personalizing experiences based on customer behavior and history.

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Omnichannel customer data activation frequently asked questions

What is analytically driven attribution and why is it important?

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 uses machine learning to provide a data-driven attribution approach that identifies the touchpoints and sequence of events that influence customer behavior and drive conversions.

  • This approach to attribution allows you to analyze customer journeys by understanding the touchpoints that are most influential in driving conversions.
  • SAS Customer Intelligence 360 offers a variety of attribution models, including first-touch, last-touch, linear, position-based, time decay and applied analytics models.
  • We also offer two models that can be customized to your unique business needs.

Does SAS Customer Intelligence 360 support ‘do it for me’ marketers?

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is a powerful platform that can be used by a wide range of professionals, from marketers and analysts to data scientists.

  • The platform's user-friendly interface and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality make it easy for users with varying levels of technical expertise to effortlessly create and customize campaigns, reports and analyses.
  • A dashboard-style home page provides you with a quick and easy way to access the tools and features you need to get started with your work.
  • One of the things that makes SAS Customer Intelligence 360 so powerful is its seamless integration of underlying analytics and machine learning capabilities.
  • This integration allows you to leverage the power of advanced analytics and machine learning without the need for manual coding.

How does SAS Customer Intelligence 360 support data scientists?

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is a powerful platform that gives data scientists the tools needed to explore data, build models and make predictions, including:

  • Streamlined model management: Easily track the freshness, definition and function of your models through a secure model repository and a robust metadata structure.
  • Rapid deployment of champion models: Quickly compare and select the best-performing model and deploy it seamlessly into operational systems or processes.
  • Performance monitoring: Monitor the performance of your analytical models and their behavior after market conditions change or new data becomes available.
  • Actionable model development: Whether you're retraining the existing model with new data, revising the model with advanced techniques, or replacing it with a completely new model, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 enables you to make informed decisions and maintain model accuracy.

How does SAS Customer Intelligence 360 support path discovery?

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 features out-of-the-box capabilities that connect traffic sources across multiple devices for easily identified events.

  • Machine learning techniques uncover associations to compile distinct journeys contained in the data.
  • Event sequence and timing between events are incorporated, and journeys don’t have to end in conversion to be identified.

Want to learn more about data activation?

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