Manufacturing Quality

Improve enterprise quality, lower the costs associated with poor quality and increase production yields.

How SAS® Enables Better Manufacturing Quality

Get a consolidated view of quality across products, people, places and processes. Gain in-depth knowledge of customer perceptions. And detect potential problems early.  

Enterprise quality data management

  • Get a single, comprehensive view of quality across the entire product life cycle.
  • Eliminate data silos and combine the voices of the process, product and customer.
  • Integrate structured and unstructured quality-related data from all sources.

Advanced early-warning analytics

  • Quickly combine and analyze huge quantities of data using predictive analytics with embedded AI.
  • Identify issues early, even before they occur, so you can proactively take corrective action to improve outcomes.
  • Use patented analytic models to detect emerging trends faster and more accurately than traditional early-warning techniques.

Predictive quality

  • Achieve advanced process control (APC) using predictive modeling techniques, including neural networking, regression analysis and clustering.
  • Automatically monitor the health of all manufacturing processes to help ensure continuous product quality.
  • Set up downstream processes based on upstream results to compensate for prior quality issues.  

Root-cause analysis

  • Reduce scrap and increase production yield.
  • Gain deeper process understanding with a complete spectrum of market-leading advanced analytics tools – from exploratory analysis, to design of experiments with optimizers, to cause-and-effect tools.
  • Enable more uptime and smoother operations by using root-cause analysis to troubleshoot and correct issues fast.

Discover how manufacturing quality solutions from SAS can help you improve product quality, yield and OEE metrics by applying AI-embedded IoT analytics – no coding required.

Why SAS® for improving manufacturing quality?

Enable and support your quality-driven strategy.  Work quickly to address issues. Then link customer feedback and expectations with design, engineering, manufacturing and packaging.    

Improve end-product quality

Drive continuous improvements in reliability, efficiency and end-product quality by  combining and analyzing huge quantities of data using predictive modeling and analytics. Ensure more uptime and smoother operations by using root-cause analysis to troubleshoot and correct issues fast.

Gain insight into real & perceived quality issues

Access and analyze all types of data – from call center systems, traditional news sites, social media forums or written records of service calls.  

Increase yield & throughput

Focus on mission-critical issues and reduce costs by combining automated quality control measurement with monitoring, tracking and reporting. Integrate proven quality methodologies like lean and Six Sigma.

SAS® Software Used

How does a leading manufacturer of high-tech communications equipment improve visibility and yield in its plant?

SAS helped Vecima Networks:

  • Implement a unified technology for visualizing and analyzing governed data across the entire organization.
  • Gain fine-grained visibility into its manufacturing performance for monitoring the rolled throughput yield across the manufacturing process, which has improved by an average of 32% since the solution was implemented.
  • Turn analytics into a platform that drives unexpected changes in the way the company does business, making it well-positioned to get ahead of the rapid evolution in technology manufacturing.