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How Manufacturing Operations Leaders Use SAS®

Achieve next-level improvements in quality, productivity and reliability by applying analytics with embedded AI and machine learning to your shop floor and IoT data.    

Extract deeper insights from your existing data, determine if you have data deficiencies, and move from a reactive to a proactive approach through scalable data integration and advanced analytics.

Adopt a decision framework that guides your approach to analytics. Implement strong data management and analytics solutions that will help ensure the success of your connected factory, IoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives.  

Featured Customer | Vecima Networks

SAS helps Vecima Networks optimize its production process, monitor performance and avoid costly defects.

As we bring new products to market, we can do so in a much better way, decisively based on the data that we see from manufacturing. Our customers are going to be happier than they’ve ever been before, and we’re thrilled to be able to do that with SAS. Mark Horseman Technical Supervisor for Software & Database Services

Vecima Networks Facts & Figures

Top Manufacturer

of TV cable boxes


analytics helps avoid costly defects


data silos with new companywide analytics platform

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