SAS for Flood Prediction & Preparedness


Real-time situational awareness for alerting emergency services and improving citizen safety.

Municipalities around the globe are at risk of flooding from both natural (rain, snow, hurricanes, tidal surge, etc.) and unnatural (water main breaks, system failures, etc.) events. Population growth and urbanization compound these risks each year. Having little to no visibility into factors such as rising river levels or water speed makes it impossible to prepare a timely response to flooding incidents. SAS can help.

How SAS® Enables Flood Prediction & Preparedness

Powered by SAS Analytics for IoT and Azure IoT, our solution combines easy-to-deploy solar-powered sensors and cloud-based predictive analytics to improve your real-time situational awareness.

Easy-to-deploy sensors

  • Solar-powered, cellular-enabled sensors measure water height and depth, current flow, rainfall and other metrics in rivers, bays, coastal areas, bridges, etc.

Predictions & alerts of possible flooding

  • Telemetry data from sensors is uploaded via cellular communications to the cloud and combined with weather data.
  • Machine learning is used to predict possible flooding incidents and alert teams in advance.
  • A web-based app provides a map view of bodies of water, real-time and historical data, and alert and prediction summaries, enabling fast response.

Integration with existing processes & systems

  • Our solution integrates easily with the processes and systems you already have in place to support your flooding response without requiring a substantial investment.

Why choose SAS® for flood prediction & preparedness?

Gain real-time situational awareness that enables enhanced emergency preparedness, swift response and proactive communications designed to reduce devastating impacts on citizens and property.

Better protection against catastrophic flooding

Improve citizen safety and emergency service preparedness with real-time visibility into flooding situations and predictions.

Faster response

Reduce the impact of flooding incidents on property, infrastructure and the lives of citizens by automating and streamlining response protocols.

Improved situational awareness

Enhance your emergency planning with real-time situational awareness and historical insights.

Town of Cary, NC, innovates flood prediction with SAS® Analytics for IoT & Azure IoT.

"Localized flooding is something all communities experience, and ours is no exception. Using sensors, weather data, SAS IoT analytics and the Azure IoT platform, we expect to increase situational awareness of rising stream levels, predict where flooding might occur, and improve our emergency response through automation. Cary is also proud to be able to share this data with our neighboring communities to help them better serve their citizens."

Nicole Raimundo, Chief Information Officer, Town of Cary

SAS Named a World's Most Innovative Company

Fast Company recognizes SAS for inspiring curiosity, pushing technology boundaries, and creating a catalyst for positive change.

Cleantech Innovation Award Winner

The Town of Cary, NC, was named a Cleantech Innovation Award winner for its Floodwater Prediction & Monitoring System.

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