Address complex financial crimes with our end-to-end anti-money laundering (AML) compliance solution that monitors the entire customer life cycle

Screenshot of SAS Anti-Money Laundering with highlights

SAS Anti-Money Laundering

Automate manual investigative processes and improve regulatory report conversion rates three to five times beyond conventional rule-based methods with an AML compliance solution that has been deployed across hundreds of financial institutions.

Key features

Fully end-to-end

Encompasses data integration, data quality, entity resolution, automated monitoring, AI/machine learning, investigation management and reporting – all on one unified platform to address your entire compliance life cycle needs.

A modern, nimble platform

Accelerates the analytics life cycle via an innovative, cloud-native architecture that enables faster deployment cycles, access to the most advanced features and frictionless scalability.

No-code/low-code interface

Offers a simple point-and-click visual interface for optimizing AML strategies and deploying SAS machine learning capabilities.

Transparency & explainability

Provides visibility into the decisions made by AI/ML models so AML teams can understand why activities were flagged and explain those outcomes and decisions to auditors, model governance staff and regulatory examiners.

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