Drive real-time customer interactions and automate operational decisions at scale.

Comprehensive real-time decisioning combined with industry-leading analytics.

Streamlined analytical model deployment

Provides a common method for accessing and managing information, selecting analytical models, and defining business rules that create context for production use.

Real-time analytics

Applies real-time analytics and business rules to historical data for immediate insights and recommended best actions during customer interactions and operational business processes.

Rapid decision process creation and management

Enables quick response to changing decisions and customer dynamics. Easy-to-use management console lets you build complex decision diagrams with reusable drag-and-drop nodes, and link processes with data sources and analytics.

Common decision authoring and deployment environment

Simplifies validation of the entire decision flow. Complete version control preserves documentation, testing traceability and continuity in an environment shared by IT and the business.

User-friendly interface

Enables intuitive decision process design with reusable out-of-the-box tasks, selection of data and models from existing repositories, and shared, flexible processing control logic.

Integrated with SAS machine learning capabilities

Integrates model development using automated registration. Speeds up common manual tasks, such as business rule definition and deployment. Facilitates centralized model governance and monitoring via a common model repository.

Improve interactions with customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

SAS Intelligent Decisioning showing cross-sell decisioning on desktop monitor

Make the right decisions – automatically and at scale.

Deliver relevant, interactive decisions based on automated, sophisticated analytics. IT and business users can use current and historical operational data – informed by analytical models and governed by business rules – to jointly engineer and deploy operational decisions that automatically define real-time best actions at scale across thousands of daily decisions. From direct, customer-facing decisions (e.g., offer targeting and credit decisioning) to complex, cross-functional decisions in areas like manufacturing, you can be confident that enterprise decisions are efficient, effective and timely. 

Standardize analytical model deployment.

A common decision authoring and deployment environment dramatically reduces the time required for IT to validate and deploy analytical models – whether written in SAS, open source or custom code. From a single interface, you can natively integrate, manage and deploy SAS and Python analytical models, custom code and business rules, with identical logic for both batch and real-time web service execution. That means faster deployment and confidence in the integrity of your analytically driven operational decisions.

SAS Intelligent Decisioning showing standardization of analytical deployment on desktop monitor
SAS Intelligent Decisioning showing rule test editor on desktop monitor

Make high-quality decisions in high-volume environments.

It doesn't matter how high your data and decision volumes go; you'll always be able to make the best operational and customer decisions exactly when you need to. No need to worry about sluggish, nonresponsive computing resources that will delay decisions when volumes are high. Built on a multitier architecture with server clustering capabilities, our solution delivers scalability and enterprise data throughput for timely, accurate decisions – even in high-volume, 24/7 businesses.

Intuitively design decisioning processes. 

Not a technical guru? No need to be. An intuitive, user-friendly interface lets you easily construct and modify automated decisioning processes – and even incorporate SAS analytical models – without IT assistance. Instead of using cryptic programming and rules, you can design processes by dragging and dropping a set of reusable, out-of-the-box tasks. Shared, flexible processing control logic enables you to select data and models from existing repositories. And defining business rules in context ensures continuity and shared terminology across business functions.

SAS Intelligent Decisioning showing rule test plot on desktop monitor

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이 새로운 솔루션은 폭넓고 깊이 있게 모든 분석 과제를 해결할 수 있는 최첨단 오픈 아키텍처인 SAS Viya를 기반으로 실행됩니다. 단일 클라우드 환경인 SAS Viya는 확장 가능하고 안전할 뿐만 아니라 애자일 IT 환경에 없어서는 안 될 분석 관리 및 거버넌스를 통해 데이터 사이언티스트에서 비즈니스 분석가까지, 그리고 애플리케이션 개발자에서 기업 임원에 이르기까지 누구나 이용할 수 있습니다. 분석 분야를 선도하는 세계적 리더인 SAS와 함께 여러분이 기대해왔던 성능을 경험해보세요.

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