Grocery Analytics


How Grocers Use SAS®

Reduce churn and increase customer profitability by using customer intelligence capabilities to derive insights from real-time loyalty data.

Run demand-driven supply chains using predictive analytics with embedded AI to forecast future sales. Integrate inventory and demand data with real-time transportation data to reduce inventory, improve service, increase savings and gain efficiencies.

Improve top-line sales and margins using analytics to optimize promotional and markdown pricing strategies.


Grocers Working Smarter With SAS®

Making life easier for customers with relevant offers & information

dm-drogerie markt and its IT subsidiary dmTECH use SAS Customer Intelligence 360 to develop personalized, real-time solutions to address every customer's unique needs.

Significantly improving forecast accuracy, availability and inventory while creating healthy uplifts in revenue

SAS helped an online grocer:

  • Improve forecast accuracy by 12%.
  • Achieve a 5%-20% increase in on-shelf performance.
  • Reduce inventory 10%-30%.
  • Increase revenues 2%-5%.

Tailoring promotions & boosting customer spending

Belgian grocer Colruyt uses predictive analytics from SAS to calculate purchasing probabilities based on past customer behavior, as well as on household and demographic information stored in its database. Of the 400 products on promotion during a given two-week period, each household receives four pages of coupons specifically tailored to it, down from 32 pages previously, which saves the company a significant amount of money on printing.

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