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SAS Stress Testing

Banks can evaluate the impact of various scenarios to address regulatory requirements and improve decision making.

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SAS® for Risk Management improves financial performance by building a risk-aware culture throughout your organization. Embedding risk management into everyday processes reduces the time and cost of compliance by ensuring data consistency, transparency and complete traceability.

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Chartis RiskTech Quadrant: Technology Solutions for Credit Risk 2.0

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IFRS 17: Waiting is not an option for insurance companies. 

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Machine Learning Model Governance  

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Scenario Stress Testing: Beyond Regulatory Compliance

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Tackle the New Complexity of IFRS 9 and CECL Standards

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When we had the Arab Spring, or the train bombing in Barcelona or the tsunami and radiation spill in Japan, iJET’s intelligence and data provided clients with the insights they needed to understand the potential threats to their personnel, operational facilities and supply chain. Richard Murnane iJET Director of Enterprise Data Operations

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