SAS Viya elevates everyone.

Your whole team will get more done in a shared space where all users – data scientists, business analysts and IT – can work together, regardless of skill set.

Data Engineer

Build scalable data pipelines to deliver trusted, high-quality insights that drive action.

SAS Visual Analytics showing data preparation capabilities for data engineers

Foster collaboration and streamline access to data and analytics users.

Eliminate inefficient processes through automated data pipeline orchestration.

Ensure compliance by enabling continuous governance of analytic assets.

Data Scientist

Transform large sets of structured and unstructured data into analytical insights by building and testing models with best-in-class AI from SAS.

Explore and combine a wide range of tools and technologies to find the optimal solution for any use case.

Work faster at every stage of the analytics life cycle thanks to massively parallel processing and intelligent automation.

Communicate your work to other teams, including nontechnical audiences, using automatically generated model explanations and project summaries created via natural language generation.

Business Analyst

Make a bigger impact by building UI-based advanced analytics and machine learning to go beyond basic BI.

Create enlightening reports and dashboards in a visual, drag-and-drop interface with built-in automation and natural language context aiding you every step of the way.

Collaborate and share insights by publishing your SAS insights through open source SDKs and APIs or through integrations with Microsoft 365.

Explore how you work best, whether that’s through coding or dragging and dropping, to uncover opportunities hidden deep in your data – from self-service data preparation to new visualizations to creating AI models.

ML Engineer

Get analytics out of the lab and into production with the tools needed to execute fast model deployment and strong model governance.

Quickly deploy every kind of model to the destination of your choice in just a few clicks with rapid, automated deployment – no recoding necessary.

Ensure strong governance with a centralized repository that tracks all types of models and analytical assets from creation, through usage, to retirement.

Automate your work using a CI/CD approach by defining and tracking custom workflows that automate all phases of model life cycle management.

Information Technologist

Reduce IT effort while tackling challenges with integration, interoperability and technology compatibility.

Balance costs and agility with a cloud native platform that deploys seamlessly to any infrastructure or application ecosystem.

Empower and elevate your IT efforts by automating analytic operations and using AI to unify disparate technologies, skills and processes.

Built-in governance makes your data and analytics program repeatable, explainable, transparent and trustworthy – no matter the scale of your data, users and workloads.

The speed is incredible for this volume of data. SAS helps Alliant deliver models in a quarter of the time of traditional workflows and shorten processing times by 85%. Malcolm Houtz Vice President of Data Science Alliant
If a path seems interesting, SAS Viya makes it possible to drill down into the data quite simply with a mouse click. Dr. Thilo Eichenberg Data Scientist Techniker Krankenkasse
The most innovative part is the automated machine learning. No other tool has provided us with this capability; we simply turn it on and let the analytical models do the work. Johanna Makkonen Senior Analyst S-Bank Finland