Direct to Consumer Analytics

Direct to Consumer

How Direct to Consumer Retailers Use SAS®

Get unparalleled access to customer data – including joining known and unknown digital interactions across the organization – to support insights, marketing analytics, personalization and customer decisioning.

Lay the foundation for interaction consistency and a great customer experience using analytically driven customer insights and automated journey-shaping tasks.

Incorporate relevant customer behavioral data for real-time personalization that improves customer satisfaction and increases business acumen.


Direct to Consumer Retailers Working Smarter With SAS®

  • Developing innovative marketing campaigns that lead to improved customer retention & loyalty

    1-800-FLOWERS.COM Inc. uses a targeted marketing platform from SAS to standardize data and analytics across its portfolio of gifting brands. The company's conversational AI system relies on quality data and machine learning algorithms to offer personalized gift recommendations.

  • Delivering award-winning, personalized customer experiences

    Shop Direct uses SAS to gather, store and comb through massive quantities of granular customer data within very short time frames, helping pinpoint the products most likely to be relevant to each individual customer.

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