Leverage data where it lives.

Shorten the time needed for key data quality and analytical processes by performing them within the database. Our in-database processing technologies enable IT to provide business units with accurate, up-to-date data.

Greater data mining and IT group productivity

Don’t rely on manual transformation and scoring steps. Our in-database processing and scoring accelerators can boost your data mining and IT groups' productivity by automating model deployment processes. Faster deployment means your analytics team will have time to focus on new projects.

Easy access to excellent data quality

If you think easy to use means scaled-down capabilities, think again. SAS in-database technologies are easy to use, while still offering complete data quality capabilities. Even business users can perform data-related tasks using an intuitive, wizard-driven web interface – no specialized training needed.

Data that's fresh and consistent

There's no need to move data between SAS and the database. This reduces the cost, complexity and latency of your data preparation and analytical processes, enabling faster insights and better decisions.

Faster insights from faster processing

In-database processing allows you to take advantage of the massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture offered by the database. That means high scalability and a faster time to insights.

Available SAS® In-Database Technologies

SAS® Scoring Accelerator

Available for These Data Platforms

  • Aster
  • DB2
  • Pivotal
  • Hadoop
  • Netezza
  • Oracle
  • SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server
  • Teradata

    Key Features

    • Automatic publishing client.
    • In-database execution.
    • SAS® Enterprise Miner model support.
    • SAS/STAT® model support. 
    • Run-time environment.
    • Model publishing and scoring.
    • Model performance tracking and monitoring.  

    SAS® Data Quality Accelerator

    Available for These Data Platforms

    Key Features

    • Extraction.
    • Gender analysis.
    • Identification analysis. 
    • Parsing.
    • Pattern analysis.
    • Standardization.
    • Matchcode generation.

    SAS® In-Database Code Accelerator

    Available for These Data Platforms

    Key Features

    • In-database execution.
    • Massively parallel processing.
    • Performance gains.

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