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Bridging the Gap in Diversity, Data Literacy, and Responsible AI

SAS is partnering with 30x30 Initiative

At SAS, we believe in building solid organizations through diversity.

SAS has partnered with the 30x30 Initiative to help in the recruitment of women with a greater skillset of data literacy and analytics to help be more effective with intelligence investigations. In addition, SAS will help track and support this program to bring more women to policing.

Representation strengthens organizations and creates equity and inclusivity in our communities. Women represent only 13% of total police officers and 3% within leadership positions.

That’s why we’re supporting the 30x30 Initiative – a push to increase women in police recruitment classes to 30% by 2030.

Our latest courses from SAS® Law Enforcement Training

Data Literacy Essentials

Internal and external data is critical to a policing organization’s understanding of the potential threat, risk and harm to communities. Learn what data is and why it is essential in today’s world.

SAS® Programming I: Essentials

Learn the basics of programming in a world where digital evidence gathering is even more critical.

Leading with Analytics

Analytics can support organizational change and asking data driven questions can support effective decision making that generates positive change.

Investigation Management and Analysis

Understand criminal activity and the identity of suspects using the SAS® Law Enforcement Intelligence platform. Identify the lead criminal of an organized crime group, learning techniques to assist in actual investigations.

Recruiting the best-qualified officers remains crucial.

Changing crime rates and types demand new, more expansive skills from recruits.

The use of data, analytics and technology can be the foundation for meeting these new demands and reducing crime rates with a proactive approach, increased efficiency and quicker solving of cases.

SAS is partnering with Women in Policing and Women in Technology to create a custom training program with a Data Literacy and Responsible AI Foundation to use data in the most effective and ethical way possible. We’re preparing candidates with the tools they need to face a changing crime environment.

Check out the SAS Law Enforcement Training Portal for more, including a full suite of completely free training options based in analytics and data.

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