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Insurance Claims Automation

Build a customer centric approach to the claims handling process.
With AI and Analytics you can drive decision and deliver the best digital claim experience to your customers in the ‘moment that matters’

Digital claims – the final frontier

On-Demand webinar on Digital Claims with Insurance Post

Claims automations isn’t just about streamlining processes and gaining efficiencies, it’s about delivering exceptional customer experience, in the key ‘moment of truth’ for your customers. And the impact of this on retention and loyalty - can be very powerful indeed." Paul Ridge Head of Insurance SAS UK & I

On the road to accelerating claims automation
How insurers can offer a customer centric claims process. 

 In this eBook, we will address:

  • How digital transformation can have a positive impact on your claims management processes?
  • What digital solutions can be embedded into your current processes? How can you protect against new fraud risks this may create?
  • How can data and analytics help you to tackle continued claims inflation?
  • What are the effects on the customer's experience? 

How we can help you?

SAS can help you to deliver an excellent claims experience that go beyond your customer expectations, protect your company from risks and reduce costs. 

Use AI and text analysis to assess damage

Exploit new data sources to enrich claims assessment and enhance digital experience

Deliver real-time interaction and support for agents and customers

Detect, prevent and manage claims fraud across all lines of business

Automating your claims process means that you will achieve: 

  • Shorter claims handling time
  • Lower claims management costs
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • More efficiency and better claims network collaboration
  • Reduced claims fraud and other cost leakage 

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