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Delivering real-time innovation to power the digital enterprise and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage  

Digitalisation is growing exponentially along with data and complex processes. As consumers demand more digital interaction in real-time, organisations need a digital-first strategy with the ability to adapt and respond instantly. A strategy that eliminates the barriers between departments to deliver seamless integrated processes through intelligent decisions.

SAS and Microsoft deliver hyperautomation across your digital enterprise to increase accuracy, productivity and flexibility, reduce costs, accelerate innovation, deliver personalised customer experience along with many more benefits that give your organisation a real competitive advantage. With SAS Intelligent Decisioning and Microsoft Power Automate, your organisation can combine business rules management, decisioning processing, real-time event detection, decision governance and advance analytics. Allowing your organisation to make faster, more calculated decisions across the entire enterprise. 

Using AI to transform your business

SAS commissioned research to explore the drivers and understanding of hyperautomation amongst consumers and businesses. An in-depth insight into what is driving the move to hyperautomation.    

Hyperautomation – accelerating digital transformation 

Rapidly innovate with hyperautomation from idea to operationalisation. SAS and Microsoft seamlessly combine robotic process automation (RPA), AI, business process management (BPM) and enterprise decisioning. With low-code, no-code requirements, hyperautomation is accessible and no longer restricted to those with specialist software and AI skills.

The SAS and Microsoft partnership enables you to power your digital enterprise by delivering intelligent decisioning at the core of every workflow, scaling from simple linear workflows to the full complexity of business-critical processes.  

Automatic for the People- Hyperautomation in Practice

On-Demand Webinar 

Hyperautomation is creating advantages for customers and organisations alike – from government departments, retailers or insurers to life sciences, CSP or energy suppliers – hyperautomation will make the difference.  

This webinar discusses what organisations are automating, how they are evolving their capabilities, and dispels common myths by putting people at the centre of the automation narrative.



David Shannon

Head of Hyperautomation

Janice Newell

Decisioning Expert

Kyriakos Fistos

Data Scientist