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Reimagine your insurance business with faster, more productive data and AI

SAS® Viya® for Insurance

SAS Viya empowers insurance companies to deliver data-driven decisions faster and more efficiently. Discover an end-to-end platform that not only fulfills the promise of AI but also brings you speed and productivity you never imagined possible.

Deliver Better Decisions From Data

Move seamlessly from questions to decisions while increasing productivity and accelerating time to value. SAS Viya empowers you to make effective decisions that help reduce costs, manage actuarial and financial risks, personalize customer experiences, combat fraud, proactively maintain regulatory compliance and more.

Am I maximizing resources and spending?

Viya helps you unlock time and cost savings with automation, integration and better collaboration.

Am I in compliance with the most current regulations?

Viya allows you to stay ahead of requirements with automation for consistent data, transparent processes and traceable decisions.

What services do my customers need?

Viya provides a holistic customer view that spans products, functions and channels to address their unspoken needs at the right time.

Am I treating customers fairly?

Viya allows you to harness AI capabilities with full transparency and traceability that you and your customers can trust.

How can I improve my organization’s actuarial process?

Viya provides AI and machine learning capabilities for competitive tariffs, optimized portfolios, real-time pricing, INBR calculations and automated reserving processes.

Is my organization protected?

Viya allows you to radically reduce the impact of fraud by detecting and preventing opportunistic and organized fraud.

Improve Business Performance With SAS Viya

Our move to SAS Viya represents a real leap forward in data visualization.” Florence Vuillet Data Director UTWIN

UTWIN, a growing fintech startup in France specializing in borrower insurance, is modernizing its analytics approach with SAS Viya to enhance efficiency and democratize analytics for management, business teams and partners.

The data team uses SAS Viya to deliver insurance-specific key performance indicators (KPIs), such as the state of claims and the correlation with premiums, to help its leadership make strategic plans. The data team is also exploring how to use analytics to combat risk and fraud.

Realize the Benefits of SAS Viya

With our data and AI platform, you can understand what’s happening with your data now, predict how to pivot seamlessly and make progress faster.

Enable better collaboration

Viya provides a single platform for all user types – from data scientists to business analysts to IT. Use the language you choose or take advantage of the no-code, drag-and-drop interface.

Innovate faster

Our end-to-end platform enables seamless movements across the entire analytics life cycle. Use AI-driven automation across data wrangling and exploration and accelerate model deployment with AutoML.

Get results you can trust

Viya provides embedded model interpretability and fairness and bias monitoring. With robust governance and transparent insights, make decisions you can trust and verify at any scale.

Gain analytics delivered on your terms

Whether you manage a small insurance business or a large enterprise, Viya integrates seamlessly across cloud-native or cloud-agnostic environments with complete portability.

SAS Viya and Generative AI

Accelerate productivity across your insurance business with secure GenAI orchestration.

SAS Viya enables you to govern the use of large language models (LLMs) and confidently integrate their output as part of your business process. Transform LLMs into trusted decisions while protecting your customers’ data and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Viya makes it easy by providing a conversational experience with data and AI, featuring industry-specialized intelligent assistants and a low-code/no-code approach to generating synthetic data.

Discover How SAS Viya Can Transform Your Insurance Business

With our data and AI platform, you can understand what’s happening with your data now, predict how to pivot seamlessly and make progress faster.

Reimagine your company’s future by implementing AI that you and your customers can trust.

Viya provides:

  • An enterprise-grade platform that can handle current and future analytics requirements.
  • Powerful AI and machine learning capabilities for competitive tariffs, optimized portfolios, real-time pricing, IBNR calculations and automated reserving processes.

Cultivate high lifetime value by delivering timely, meaningful interactions that enhance the customer experience.

Viya provides:

  • Data visualization that enables you to craft compelling stories from diverse data sources.
  • An intuitive interface that includes dedicated dashboards, workflow analysis, full business intelligence reporting, user activity audit reports and case management – all in one platform.

Transform every aspect of the insurance process while increasing profitability and realizing value faster.

Viya provides:

  • Multilayered detection methods to find fraud at the individual claim, new business transaction, entity or network level.
  • A modular end-to-end framework that efficiently supports the complete pricing process.

Stay ahead of regulatory compliance with automation for transparent processes and traceable decision making.

Viya provides:

  • A fully traceable process so you can deploy rates into production with a faster time to market.
  • Alerts for model performance and degradation allow you to continuously and systematically evaluate production models.

Ready to get started with SAS Viya?

When it’s time to choose the right data and AI platform for your insurance business, find detailed information, demonstrations and tutorials for technical experts on your team.

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