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Data Mining and Text Mining

From raw data to smarter business decisions

Every organisation accumulates huge volumes of data from a variety of sources on a daily basis. Data Mining is an iterative process of creating predictive and descriptive models, by uncovering previously unknown trends and patterns in vast amounts of data from across the enterprise, in order to support decision making. Text mining applies the same analysis techniques to text-based documents. The knowledge gleaned from data and text mining can be used to fuel strategic decision making.

SAS simply has the power to accommodate the massive data sets used in our predictive models.

— Adam Hobgood,

Director of Statistics, Center for Health Research,


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Components of SAS® Data Mining and Text Mining

  • Data mining – Go from raw data to accurate, business-driven analytical models with a seamless, efficient process.
  • Scoring acceleration – Maximize the performance and accuracy of your analytic models.
  • Text mining – Uncover key text-based information in large document collections, and integrate that information with your structured data.

How SAS® is Different

Only SAS offers a rich suite of integrated data mining tools that provide:

  • Unprecedented ease of use.
  • Ability to explore and exploit corporate data for strategic business advantage – all in a single environment.
  • Reduced time to decisions and a more accurate organizational view.
  • Services and training to help organizations get started right away.

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