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Why SAS?

Business Analytics will drive Communication Service Providers (CSPs) into the future. SAS uniquely combines an open and cloud-enabled industrialised analytics environment with embedded AI to help you solve current and future challenges.

Expand your business beyond all boundaries. Embrace new technology and transform complex data into valuable insights that drive your decisions. Improve processes so you can work faster and more efficiently. Gain a more complete view of your business operations and customers.

Nimble, flexible solutions

Business gets the power and freedom you need to innovate with analytics in the cloud. SAS takes on the design and delivery of software, infrastructure and services in a managed environment – or you can simply sign up, log in and get to work. Whichever SAS Cloud option you choose, we tune the solution to your requirements so you can focus on solving your analytic challenges and quickly realise value

Telecom Fraud
Detect subscriber fraud in real-time to increase profits and protect inventory. Improve service levels with fewer false positives and negatives, and enhance brand reputation. Perform real-time credit scoring to reduce days sales outstanding and bad debt expense.  

Telecom Network Analytics
Apply advanced analytic techniques to network data to gain deeper insights on boosting network performance and improving operations management with a special emphasis on automation.

Customer Experience
Gain a deeper understanding of the total customer experience so you can predict churn and take action to prevent it. Choreograph every touch point along the customer journey for happier, more loyal customers and higher ARPU (NPS?)

Ad Inventory Management
Bring together a cohesive view of all information pertaining to audiences, inventory and pricing. Better manage and increase advertising revenue with accurate ad inventory valuation and demand forecasts.

Audience Analytics
Use viewership data to better understand consumers along their journeys. Know when, where and how to deliver targeted content to lower churn, increase revenue and improve customer experience.

Easy Integration
Combine the power of SAS Platform with open source technologies and balance your rapid self service needs with robust governance.

CSP Companies Working Smarter with SAS




Telenor Norway uses SAS Analytics to enhance business decisions and continuously adapt to customers’ needs.




With SAS Customer Intelligence, Vodafone Ukraine reduces customer churn by 30 percent.




Find out how Globe uses analytics to keep customers engaged and provide the right offers with SAS Customer Intelligence.

SAS Cloud Managed Services

The SAS Cloud delivers world-leading analytics software and services in a SAS-managed environment on Microsoft Azure. 

This video acknowledges how one size doesn't always fit all. Some organisations have the capacity for advanced analytics that is customised, configured and managed off-site. For others, regulatory, data or system requirements prohibit the use of an off-site solution.

SAS Cloud gives you the power and flexibility you need to innovate fast, drive digital transformation and deliver value. The opportunities are exciting - we invite you to explore the possibilities together with us today.

The rules of competition are fast changing. COVID-19 has challenged industry leaders in unforeseen ways and presented opportunities for Communication Service Providers to innovate. SAS can help you adapt to today’s new business climate and plan for the future – with confidence.


communications companies on the Fortune 500 using SAS





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In telecom, media and technology, COVID-19 has challenged industry leaders in unforeseen ways and presented opportunities for innovation. SAS can help you adapt to today's new business climate and plan for the future – with confidence.

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