Cloud Computing for Health Care

Increase flexibility and interoperability in a public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Business Challenges

Health care organizations are adopting cloud computing to boost efficiency and lower costs. Cloud computing is now able to offer the security and privacy protection that patients and providers rely on. This enables interoperability between clinical devices and non-health-care data systems to accelerate improved patient outcomes.  

How SAS Can Help

SAS provides a secure, dependable infrastructure that gives you peace of mind while enabling you to:

  • Run your analytics where the data resides to reduce latency and achieve faster insights.
  • Integrate data from the electronic medical records of all patients across all your facilities, and use natural language processing and a rules engine to continually monitor factors that could indicate the need for intervention.
  • Closely monitor patients and apply predictive models to avoid unnecessary treatment costs and improve patient outcomes.
  • Improve quality of care and patient experience at the lowest possible cost.

Why SAS?

SAS has the experience and expertise to deliver powerful analytics via the cloud securely, in the way that works best for your organization:

  • Software as a service (SaaS). Our managed SaaS offerings are ready to use right out of the box and can be customized to meet changing requirements. We also offer standardized, off-the-shelf SaaS offerings that are available for immediate use, with no customization.
  • Results as a service (RaaS). We combine expert SAS service with award-winning software to help you develop more powerful insights. There is no software license or infrastructure to buy, and the solution is priced based on what you need. You provide the data and business problem; we deliver the results.
  • Hosted and remote managed software and services. Take advantage of cutting-edge SAS technology with maximum uptime, managed by us on your site or ours.
  • SAS software deployed in public or private clouds. We offer multiple ways to deploy SAS in public or private clouds, including deployment patterns like Docker containers, Kubernetes for orchestration, or support for Cloud Foundry.
  • Cloud-specific SAS offerings. SAS works with major cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Oracle to streamline SAS deployments in public clouds. We also partner with a number of managed analytic service providers (MASPs) that offer cloud-based solutions for specific industries, including health care.  

Cloud Computing Solutions for Health Care

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