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Life Sciences Analytics for Resilience

Taking learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic to foster innovation and resilience in the face of disruption.

The life sciences industry is facing ongoing challenges.

Integral to the development of vaccines, tests and treatments, the life sciences industry continues to play a key role in the world’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. And, disruptions related to the pandemic and other major global events impact every phase of the pharmaceutical life cycle – from clinical research through manufacturing and commercialization. SAS analytics can help you make the best decisions in the face of uncertainty and prepare for the unexpected.

Decentralized Clinical Trials

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated adoption of new technology and advanced analytics to mitigate delays in clinical research. Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) help keep research on track. Machine learning and AI, supported by the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), enable this innovation in trial design by keeping researchers connected to patients and their data. Decentralized methodologies lead to increased trial compliance, enable real-time decisions for safety and help prevent risks of supply shortages – all helping minimize disruptions to study progress.

Learn more about the benefits of decentralized clinical trials.

Manufacturing Line Optimization & Demand Planning

Learn more about the role of AI in process optimization for pharma manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have faced rapidly evolving circumstances that have an impact on their ability to effectively produce and deliver therapeutic products to market. Constraints in materials supply, worker safety concerns and uncertain demand make it difficult for manufacturers to plan and meet demand. SAS forecasting and optimization analytics can help overcome both planning and production scheduling challenges by assisting in planning supply, allocation and production line optimization.

Engagement Analytics

Whether on the front lines of the pandemic or working remotely, health care providers are increasingly turning to digital channels to get information and stay engaged. This presents a potential opportunity for pharma sales and marketing teams to connect with prescribers in new ways. As an additional benefit, digital channels inherently generate data, which can be analyzed to rapidly and continuously monitor and optimize pharmaceutical salesforce activities to further enhance your relationships with providers of care.

Learn how you can optimize commercial pharma channels for a digital-first world.

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