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Free Books for Educators

Making it easy to choose the right book for teaching a SAS® class.

Looking for the right book for teaching a SAS class? Qualified instructors at accredited academic institutions can get free academic evaluation copies – up to two per semester – of some of the most popular books offered by SAS. Evaluation copies are free and are yours to keep, whether or not you adopt the book for classroom use.

Why choose a book from SAS?

  • High-quality content. SAS offers a full list of titles written by experts, providing students with the information and tools they need to learn SAS.
  • Relevant topics. We offer books on a variety of topics pertinent to student interests and your teaching needs. You'll find books on basic statistics, advanced analytics, predictive modeling, clinical research, data mining and business intelligence.
  • It's free. Evaluation copies are free. And your students can purchase the books you choose for class at a discount.
Exposure to SAS is a highly valued skill in the analytics industry, so my students gain an edge in their careers – specifically in industries such as IT, consulting, financial services, retail, telecom and e-commerce. Ashwani Kumar, PhD Professor, IT and Systems Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

How do I request an evaluation copy?

  1. Select "request evaluation copy" to see a list of all available titles. You may request up to two titles per semester for evaluation.
  2. Submit the evaluation copy request form. We will process your request, and send you the requested titles.