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Audience Data & Ad Inventory Management

Discover how SAS® helps media companies maximize profitability for advertisers, publishers and content providers while building audience trust.

How Customers Benefit from SAS Audience Data & Ad Inventory Management Solutions

  • SAS Software Used

    ITV delivers highly targeted and personalized real-time ads at massive scale

    Find out how ITV, the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster, uses SAS 360 Match to achieve creative delivery automation, optimize campaigns, gain significant efficiencies, reduce operational errors, serve 36 billion ad impressions per year into streaming platforms and more. 

  • SAS Software Used

    Global media company accurately forecasts streaming audiences to support ad sellout and pricing

    The company faced unstructured, siloed sales and ad server data, "black box” forecasting with low confidence and inaccurate operational and corporate forecasts. 

    With SAS, the company achieved: 

    • A unified view of inventory across multiple ad servers and sales systems.
    • Intuitive user interaction with the forecasts for maximum comfort and trust.
    • Greatly improved forecasts to maximize ad inventory utilization.
  • SAS Software Used

    How does one of the strongest media companies in the Czech Republic use analytics to grow its business?

    MAFRA media group uses SAS 360 Match, which has enabled the company to:

    • Increase programmatic advertising profits by 10%.
    • Speed up campaign processes with a fast, reliable, easy to administrate solution.
    • Professionalize its publishing practices.
  • How does one of North America's leading media companies accurately forecast digital inventory?

    SAS is using digital inventory forecasting capabilities to help the company:

    • Provide accurate forecasts for digital ad products and media planning while accounting for seasonality and programming events.
    • Flag forecasting issues and alert the media planner – e.g., if impressions are sold and website traffic trends downward, the media planner can understand why and proactively manage the situation.
    • Incorporate guards in the process to reduce oversell and undersell and follow an ongoing health-check process to provide alerts on in-flight campaigns.
  • How does one of the largest station groups in North America accurately forecast demand within and across markets?

    SAS provided the company with world-class demand forecasting capabilities, enabling it to:

    • Generate accurate demand forecasts across all inventory classes and stations.
    • Provide guidance to local TV stations on predicted sell-out with current pricing.
    • Accurately predict which advertisers will be increasing or decreasing ad revenue at which time.
    • Automate reporting and alert capabilities to identify which inventory is likely to be under- and oversold.

How SAS Delivers Leading Digital Media Marketing Solutions

Trustworthy AI and advanced analytics harness your data and provide actionable insights to help you outperform the competition, satisfy audiences, innovate faster and increase revenue.

Demand & ad inventory forecasting

  • Analyze cross-platform audience data for highly accurate forecasts and minimize risk by accounting for seasonality, past performance, channel and more.
  • Automate result monitoring to stay aware of changes with analytic models that continuously re-forecast as the data updates each day.
  • Create models, forecasts and more with low/no code, easy-to-use and augmented analytics.
  • Build real-time proposals by integrating capacity/avails inventory forecasts into your ad sales planning tool.

Pricing optimization

  • Optimize pricing with automated rate card creation and campaign-specific dynamic pricing recommendations.
  • Detect causal factors that may contribute to revenue drops and lifts.
  • Enable users of any skill level to discover real stories hidden in your data with “smart” visualizations.

Ad targeting & personalization

  • Uncover 360-degree audience analytics insights to accurately deliver ads to target segments through journey maps that allow ads to be  triggered, scheduled or recalibrated.
  • Increase ROI with trustworthy AI and machine learning – personalize experiences, minimize churn, improve pricing and optimize inventory for maximum revenue.
  • Govern audience data and manage robust, best-in-class models with embedded AI, including fairness and bias monitoring on disparate ad servers.

Automation, productivity & innovation

  • Use AutoML to automate millions of accurate forecast models and significantly increase ad impressions (up to billions in just 30 days) and audience monetization on one end-to-end platform.
  • Auto-generate sales campaigns using  NLP and AI optimization for increased productivity by automating commercial instruction, managing changes and invoicing, and reducing risk and turnaround time.
  • Leverage all audience data for a 360-degree view into new offerings they would purchase, accelerating time to value.

Choose SAS for Leading Ad Inventory & Audience Analytics

SAS helps media companies increase productivity, automate and scale, grow their business and maximize profitability for advertisers, publishers and content providers while retaining audience and market trust.

Optimize ad inventory and improve forecasting

Gain highly accurate ad inventory forecasting with analytics that help inventory and pricing teams manage ads and drive revenue. Sales teams also benefit from real-time proposals.

Identify optimal pricing and increase revenue 

Optimize pricing with real-time recommendations that consider a wide variety of factors for greater accuracy and revenue. Users of any skill level can learn this and more from the data.

Give ad buyers the targeting and ROI they expect

Assure ad buyers you will deliver the right ads to the right people at the right time and price. Trustworthy AI and machine learning audience analytics maximize revenue and provide measurable ROI.

Achieve capacity, capabilities and possibilities faster

Handle more requests, automate activities for increased speed and productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. Use analytics to uncover new revenue streams. 

We are extremely positive about the holistic relationship we enjoy with SAS. The hands-on approach SAS takes – the openness to collaborate and bring together our joint expertise to solve our business problems – ensures we continue to achieve success. That level of managed service is central to a really exciting, fast-moving partnership." Duncan Procter Executive Manager of Audience Solutions, Automated Trading and Ad Operations REA Group

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