SAS Visual Analytics 7.3 Exploration and Design

Exam Content Guide

Below we provide a list of the objectives that will be tested on the exam.
For more specific details about each objective download the complete exam content guide.


Data Sources and Data Items

  • Use SAS Visual Data Builder to create queries from existing tables using joins, aggregations, and column selections
  • Import data into SAS Visual Analytics
  • Examine, modify, and create data items
  • Select and work with data sources

SAS Visual Analytics Explorer

  • Create, modify, and interpret automatic chart visualizations
  • Create, modify, and interpret graph and table visualizations
  • Enhance visualizations with analytics
  • Interact with visualizations and explorations

SAS Visual Analytics Designer

  • Create and modify list tables and crosstabs report objects
  • Create and modify graph report objects
  • Create and modify controls, containers, and other objects
  • Work with report layouts, filters, and interactions
  • Add links, alerts, and comments to reports
  • Share and print reports

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