field quality analytics

SAS® Field Quality Analytics

Lower costs, reduce risk and boost customer satisfaction

  Detect emerging issues sooner. Find root causes faster. And shave months off your issue detection-to-correction time. With SAS, you can merge field performance data with key customer, product, manufacturing and geographic information for a comprehensive view of field quality. Then apply predictive analytics to identify issues quickly so you can address them proactively – before they escalate and cause irreparable damage to your brand reputation, not to mention your bottom line. 


Uncover issues faster than ever.

Consolidate all relevant field quality data – including call center and work order notes – into a single, integrated view. Then apply predictive analytics to automatically detect emerging issues much faster than traditional analysis can – before they have a significant impact on performance. You could shave months off of your issue detection time, and that could mean substantial savings in repair costs and greater customer loyalty.

Focus on the highest-priority issues.

Define and prioritize issues quickly using an array of analytical tools – decision trees, control charts, Pareto charts, etc. – to effectively isolate failure modes and identify their true root causes so you can make well-informed corrective action decisions. Advanced forecasting and reliability techniques (including Weibull) help you understand how issues will affect costs and customers so you can prioritize them and focus resources where they will have the greatest impact.

Minimize your risk.

By uncovering issues earlier and isolating root causes faster, you will actually limit the amount of time issues exist in the field – as well as the number of customers affected. That means less overall risk of negative publicity through traditional and social media channels and the inevitable costly campaigns that would be required to help counteract any damage done to customer satisfaction levels and your brand reputation.

Lower your warranty costs.

Earlier issue detection and shorter correction cycles mean
significantly reduced resolution time – by up to 70 percent. You'll also end up shipping fewer faulty products and reducing the size and number of recalls. And that means you can reduce your warranty costs by up to 20 percent.



field quality analytics
  • Data integration.
  • Warranty-specific predictive analytics.
  • Integrated text analysis.
  • Easy reporting capabilities.

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