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Free workshops

Workshops designed to empower educators and students.

Learn something new or level up existing skills.

Whether you’re an educator looking to sharpen your skills and teach SAS or a student eager to develop
in-demand skills, our interactive workshops offer everything you need.

Benefits for All Attendees

  • Free sessions throughout the year. We keep your time and budget constraints in mind by providing free sessions of varying lengths that accommodate your academic schedule.
  • Training on a variety of topics. From predictive modeling to machine learning, you’ll stay on top of the latest technologies and learn today's most valuable skills.
  • Instructor interaction.  Our live web courses offer all the benefits of classroom training without leaving your home or office. Interact with instructors who are industry experts.

Exclusive Benefits for Educators

  • Free course materials. You’ll get PowerPoint slides, course notes and data sets you can use in your own classroom. Access resources via the SAS Educator Portal.
  • Curriculum assistance. We'll help you develop both graduate and undergraduate courses. Plans are intended to encompass one semester of teaching (equivalent to four credit hours; three lecture hours per week plus a weekly lab).

How to Register:

Choose your workshop and enroll

  • Every workshop enrollment opens in a new tab so you can add additional workshops if needed.
  • Be sure workshop selections do not overlap as there are simultaneous tracks.

Sign in with your SAS profile

  • Your SAS profile must use your academic email to process your registration and access course materials in SAS Skill Builder for Students or the SAS Educator Portal.
  • Priority is given to first-time registrants, so seats are not guaranteed.
  • Courses fill quickly, but new workshops are added regularly.

Save the date and join us in class

  • Upon checkout, look for an email that confirms processing of your registration request.  
  • Next, you'll get an email notifying you that you're enrolled in a course, or waitlisted.
  • If you're waitlisted, a follow-up email will confirm when a seat is available, moving you from waitlisted to enrolled.

The Curiosity Cup Enablement Series

The series will help prepare students to compete in the Curiosity Cup competition. New to SAS or looking to pick up new analytical skills in SAS Viya? Then join us for a week of training that follows the analytics lifecycle and learn skills that will help you compete with students from all over the globe.

These sessions are open to everyone, not just those interested in the Curiosity Cup. So, join us if you're simply a lover of all things analytics!

*Note: Registration means attendance for all sessions in this series. If you register after the series has started, you will be enrolled in all remaining sessions and are encouraged to attend as many as possible for the most comprehensive learning experience.

Your SAS profile must use your academic email to process your registration and access your course materials.

January 22
10am-12pm EST

Getting Started with Data and SAS
Join us to kick-start the project-based learning series. We will work to get the software and your data set up. If you don't have data, we'll provide you options to choose from.
Registration closes one business day before the course begins.

January 23
10am-12pm EST

Exploring Data Using Visualizations
Explore how to properly handle and use big data to its fullest potential - all while using SAS tools.
Registration closes one business day before the course begins.

January 24
10am-12pm EST

Data Wrangling and Descriptive Statistics
Learn how to utilize SAS Studio Tasks to create graphics, produce summary statistics, and perform statistical analysis – all with no programming required!
Registration closes one business day before the course begins.

January 25
10am-12pm EST

Fitting Machine Learning Models: The Basics
Ever wanted to know which SAS Viya tool is the best to use for your particular predictive analytics problem? Join us as we compare use of SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Model Studio, SAS Studio programming, and SAS Studio tasks in fitting different machine learning models. Come learn the advantages of different SAS Viya tools in performing machine learning analyses.
Registration closes one business day before the course begins.

January 26
10am-12pm EST

Displaying Insights Interactively
Have you discovered insights in your data that you want to show off? Learn how to create a beautiful, interactive reports in Visual Analytics so your patterns jump off the screen!
Registration closes one business day before the course begins.

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