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SAS Health Solutions

Discover your future in digital health analytics.

Key Features

Simplify health data management and accelerate analytic discovery with an end-to-end enterprise solution for analytics and data automation. Gain valuable insights on the quality and cost of care. Make transparent and explainable decisions in governed, regulated environments. Drive enhanced patient care and outcomes, improved clinician experience, optimized cost management and resources. 

Turnkey data ingestion

Easily ingest your data that follows industry-standard formats and sources, such as FHIR.

Secure access to systems

Establish secure access to your various systems, data sources and applications.

Data integration & enrichment

Bring together and enrich health and non-health data sources, and prepare data for analytics. Manage data and analytic model lineage. Refresh analytic model and cohort analysis results as new data arrives.

Data refresh schedule optimization

Schedule your data ingestion in advance, so you can pick a time most suitable for your health organization and optimize data refresh timings.

Low-code/no-code interface

Easily ingest FHIR data using our low-code/no-code interface, which enables anyone to create and consume insights that lead to better decision making.

Embedded machine learning & AI

Use AI/ML predictions to enhance your descriptive analytics and gain insights for better decision making across all parts of your organization. Transparent AI/ML models help you to anticipate member and patient needs.

Open-source capabilities

Easily integrate teams and technology across the analytics life cycle, enabling all types of SAS and open-source users to collaborate.

Flexible deployment options

Take advantage of our cloud-native and cloud-agnostic platform with complete portability across on-premises, hybrid or multicloud environments.

Add-On Capabilities

Interactive clinical event builder

Create customized clinical definitions – including clinical associations, attribution, utilization and risk – for use in population health studies or clinical research.

Why choose SAS Health Solutions?

Payers and providers use SAS Health Solutions to:

  • Optimize the patient journey and treatment pathways.
  • Visualize and optimize resources and costs.
  • Drive enhanced clinical care and patient outcomes.
  • Predict future needs of patients, members and clinicians.
  • Access prebuilt patient-severity and risk-adjustment models.

Public health agencies use SAS Health Solutions to:

  • Integrate and analyze population data.
  • Design optimal interventions for whole person health.
  • Proactively identify and respond to public health threats.
  • Oversee the performance of health care facilities and professionals.
  • Support data-driven policy making, and model the impact of policies on enrollment, utilization and budgets.

Life sciences companies use SAS Health Solutions to:

  • Monitor and facilitate compliance.
  • Create customized clinical/chronic events.

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