Teach and learn leading-edge data science skills.

Only for educators and their students.

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Educators can sign up for free access to advanced analytics software for teaching and learning leading-edge data science skills. SAS Viya for Learners is a full suite of cloud-based software that supports the entire analytics life cycle – from data, to discovery, to deployment – and lets you code in SAS, Python or R. For academic, noncommercial use only.

Get to Know SAS® Viya® for Learners

Why SAS® Viya® for Learners?

Learn every phase of the analytics life cycle from a single software environment.

SAS Visual Analytics showing self-service data preparation on desktop monitor

Prepare data for analysis.  

A self-service, point-and-click environment makes it easy to access, integrate, transform and modify data so that it's ready for analysis.

Visually explore data to discover new insights.

Interactive, self-service visualization tools enable you to easily search for relationships, trends and patterns to gain a deeper understanding of your data. Then create stunning reports and dashboards that you can share via the web and mobile devices.

SAS Visual Analytics showing visual data exploration on desktop monitor
SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning showing open source node on desktop monitor

Create models in an integrated environment.

A visual, drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to build and refine a range of descriptive and predictive models for data mining, machine learning, time series forecasting, operations research and more.  

Deploy and manage models.

Discover how easy it is to deploy models quickly using repeatable, automated and governed processes. You can easily trace modeling activities, make modifications and test continually in a single environment.

SAS Visual Statistics showing model comparison on desktop monitor

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