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Driving Innovation and collaboration

Connecting and Enabling the Academic/Industry Ecosystem

SAS is committed to building an analytics and technology enabled workforce. That’s why we support education initiatives that deliver teaching programs that close the analytics skills gap, and why we support industry engagement initiatives that drive innovation and collaboration.

Skilling the Future Workforce for the Digital Economy.

Building the skilled workforce

SAS is working to build the analytics and technology empowered future workforce.

Embracing technology

SAS empowers educators, learners & individuals with cloud based, analytical technology.

Enabling teaching

SAS supports embedding real-world learning outcomes and skills directly into the curriculum.

Empowering the learner’s journey

SAS support upskilling and reskilling for all learners to start or continue their professional development.


SAS drives innovation and collaboration - driving the APAC digital economy.

An education to establish a strong foundational knowledge is crucial for anyone thinking about an Analytics career. Not only that, the University is where new thought leadership and advanced Analytics solutions are developed. By having a formal education, students will be well-prepared for the different Analytics challenges that arise in the different business contexts and be able to translate this knowledge into applied skills. That’s why partnering with SAS is so important. Kok-Leong Ong Professor, Business Analytics Head, Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics Director, RMIT Enterprise AI and Data Analytics Hub School of AISSC, College of B&L

Supporting our Customers Analytics Culture & Capability

By transforming our customers' world through university partnerships with the aim to develop industry ready talent.
Advising our customers and university partners on aligned industry & labour market trends & impacts.
Matching SAS Customers & University students & graduates with SAS & Analytics knowledge.

Students and Graduates Gain

  • Access to industry experience.
  • In demand SAS Analytics skills.
  • An opportunity to apply knowledge and skills.

SAS Customers Gain

  • Access to professors, lecturers and educators.
    Access to students and graduates.
  • An opportunity to connect an industry early career program with a university community.

Talent Connection Program

SAS can help connect customers and University Partners.
SAS has a long history of supporting our customers meet their needs for talented people.


Talent Connect Program

SAS India actively participates and assists in the full life cycle of education programs including skill need assessment and analysis, analytics events and seminars, participants' personalized access to videos, extended e-learning access to participants post training, course content development, marketing assistance, industry use cases, BIG DATA sets, practice vouchers for participants, certification preparation sessions, and more.


Data Analytics Training Program

For 5+ years SAS Malaysia has collaborated with Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC) to offer a Data Analytics Training Program.

SHRDC offers sponsorship opportunities to pursue SAS Certification.


The SAS Data Science AIML Program

For 10+ years SAS Singapore has partnered with IMDA, our mission – to train 20,000 data scientists.

The AIML program provides hands-on SAS education and SAS Global Certifications as well as on-the-job training with SAS customers & prospects.


The SAS Workforce Connection Program

For over 15+ years SAS Australia has been committed to helping university students with analytics and SAS skills gain employment.

Today with our partner – RiBit, we connect more students than ever via Australia’s largest graduate digital marketplace.

For more information on talent connection in your region contact

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