Manufacturing QA testing Supply Chain Intelligence

Supply Chain Intelligence

Better quality. Greater customer satisfaction. Bigger profits.

Advantage, yours.

Understand demand patterns, your supply networks, operations, quality and customer service requirements like never before. SAS gives you a critical advantage. Combine data from multiple sources. Quickly analyze, visualize and share information. And achieve more accurate forecasts, greater integrated business planning efficiency, healthier profits and higher customer satisfaction.

Hear From Our Customers


"We’ve literally had double-digit improvements in our service incident rate, and subsequently our warranty cost year over year has decreased substantially over the past eight to 10 years."


"This is an incredible milestone in our business analytics journey to help strengthen our business processes, increase operational efficiency and drive service excellence through analytics."


"We’re now able to drill down through customer hierarchies and do things such as integrate the impact of promotions and special offers into the statistical models."

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