SAS® Size Optimization: SAS® Size Profiling and SAS® Pack Optimization

An enterprise solution that affects both supply and demand.

Use powerful analytics to transform historical sales data into size-demand intelligence. Predict future sales and inventory needs by size. And determine case-pack supply to optimally meet this demand. Integrate our solution with your existing merchant systems to apply this intelligence to your purchasing and allocation decisions.


Increase margins.

Increase full-price early-season sales by better matching size profiles to forecasted demand. And get higher profit margins through fewer markdowns by reducing "stranded" inventory at the store level. In addition you can determine just the right number of each pre-pack configuration needed, which helps you control your product procurement costs.

Reduce your operating costs.

Determine the precise number of each available pre-pack configuration needed to economically meet demand so you can maintain reasonable distribution costs. And reduce the need for costly break-pack and piece-pick activities within your distribution networks by raising the percentage of product supplied in multi-item pre-packs. Ultimately, this helps you reduce labor requirements and improve distribution center throughput.

Boost sales.

Accurately identify size-level demand by location, and determine the pack-level quantities required to meet that demand. As a result, you'll see fewer stock-outs across stores and higher overall sales without increasing your inventory risk.

Increase planning team efficiencies.

Numerous automated processes and procedures help you improve your planning team's efficiency by increasing throughput and effectiveness. And this will allow the planning team to play a more strategic role in the organization.



  • Generate demand-based size profiles.
  • Build and use attribute-specific profiles.
  • Recommend pack portfolios.


  • Design multidelivery strategies.
  • Conduct what-if analysis.

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