Prioritize. Maximize. And cut through the noise.

Only SAS delivers true marketing and campaign optimization backed by powerful analytics. That means reduced costs. Higher ROI. And happier, more profitable customers.

Robust optimization formulation

Predict the impact of constraints using true mathematical optimization.


An intuitive interface puts powerful optimization in the hands of marketers.

Scenario analysis

Run a variety of scenarios based on different constraints and objectives.

High-performance optimization engine

Perform detailed modeling, selection and what-if analysis using all your data, not a sample, in a fraction of the time.

Make the most of every customer interaction throughout the customer journey. Deliver the best offer in every situation at the most appropriate time. And know how changes in business constraints will affect outcomes.

Don’t just guess. Know. 

Your business constraints will affect your marketing programs. But how? No need to guess; find out for sure. True analytical optimization lets you accurately predict the effect that constraints will have on your overall contact strategy so you can avoid over- or under-contacting customers, exceeding your budget, etc. You can also combine constraints based on budget limits, channel capacities and contact policies, or create custom constraints, such as a minimum ROI or required revenue threshold.

Ever wonder 'what if … ?' Find out. 

Easily create what-if scenarios to see how any changes to your business constraints would affect outcomes – no matter how complex the changes or how numerous the variations. For example, you could determine how much revenue would go up if the campaign budget were increased by a certain percentage. Or how a higher contact frequency would affect customer lifetime value. And if you don't see the results you're after? No problem. You can easily modify scenarios, and run them again and again.

Complex optimization made easy.

Optimization doesn’t have to be complicated. Well, optimization algorithms are complicated, but getting what you need out of SAS Marketing Optimization isn’t. That’s because a browser-based interface guides marketers through all optimization processes – including scenarios, constraints, reports and analyses – intuitively and logically. And wizards assist users with more complex tasks.

Faster, easier, smarter. By quite a lot. 

Make smarter business decisions and solve more complex problems in a fraction of the time. Our high-performance optimization engine delivers improved scalability and a much faster computation time. That means you can optimize millions of rows of customer data quickly and efficiently. And get faster, easier access to accurate information.

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